Zodiac scenarios

By toni_shalifoe

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zodiac sign scenarios ☻︎ More

How much sleep your sign needs
Where each sign finds their soulmate
Who should be your best friend
Cute things your sign does
The signs as animals
The signs as avatars
The signs as prom dresses
Phone Brightness
Who the signs make a cute couple with
When they're angry you should...
The "I have homework due tomorrow but im gonna take a nap instead" squad
The "always wanna sleep" squad
Good things about the signs
1 good thing and 1 bad thing about the signs
Reasons to be friends with the signs
Very cute relationships
Most beautiful feature
*Signs answering the phone*
Signs as disney princesses
The age the signs will get married
Why people have crushes on your sign
Hairstyles #2
Awkwardness level
The signs aesthetics
The signs as types of friends
What the signs fall in love with
The signs secret talent
The signs were born with
The signs when drunk
The signs secrets
The signs in the shower
How much anger do the signs carry?
The signs kissing style
The signs at a party
The signs as tinkerbell

The signs as hairstyles

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By toni_shalifoe

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