Percy Jackson Oneshots

By Craftyninja011

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Just a bunch of Percy Jackson stuff. Mostly things I imagine Percy can do or learns. Lol I'm an average write... More

Percy Jackson Oneshots
Chapter 1: Pull the trigger
Chapter 2: I sometimes break out into musicals
Chapter 3: The bi guy
Chapter4: The bi guy makes another apperance
Chapter 5: Latino
Chapter 6: Glasses
Chapter 7: I look good
Chapter 8: Violin
Chapter 9: Dance
Chapter 10: Hearing aids
Chapter 11: Dresses
Chapter 12: Sick boy
This isn't Percy Jackson
Chapter 13: Cooking
Chapter 14: Ukulele
Chapter 15: Fathers day
Chapter 16: Mothers day
Chapter 17: Cuddling
Chapter 18: Smoke
Chapter 19: Fire
Chapter 20: People who pour milk before cereal
Chapter 21: The Sun
Chapter 22: Childhood trama
Chapter 23: Incorrect quotes
Chapter 24: Slam Poetry
Chapter 25: Yer' a wizard Percy
Chapter 26: Skater
Chapter 27: Classy
Chapter 28: Mcdonalds
Chapter 29: Oil spills
Chpater 30: Betrayal
Chapter 31: Random
Chapter 32: Umm
Pov: You're waiting for me to update

Chapter 33: More Incorrect Quotes

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By Craftyninja011

Percy: There's something on your face

Minotaur: *grunt* ?

Percy hitting the Minotaur in the face with his sandal: IT WAS PAIN!

Annabeth, facepalming in the background: This is why monsters hate you

I made that one myself
*proud face*

I don't really have an excuse I just didn't update. :P

٩( ᐛ )و

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