My Wish to Change this "Trash...

By Akane_Levi

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Kazz is just your average Otaku. That otaku you know that rants about how bad Diabolik Lover is. "I mean com... More

Character Description
Author's Note: Saving Ideas?
Chapter 1: My "Wish"
Chapter 2: Transmigrated
Chapter 3: Orphanage
Extra: This Body *Must Read
Chapter 4: Mukami's Escape Plan
Chapter 5: Escape
Chapter 6: Human to Vampire
Chapter 7: My Question
Chapter 8: The King's Blood
Chapter 9: System Dream
Chapter 11: Love
Chapter 12: Love Hurts
Chapter 13: Lov- What Now?
Chapter 14: Wish Plan
Chapter 15: My Goodbye
Chapter 16: Energy Insufficient
Chapter 17: Strangers
Chapter 18: Beginning
Chapter 19: A Fool (Carla and Shin Part 1)
Chapter 20: Friends (Carla and Shin part 2)
Chapter 21: Pet (Carla and Shin part 3)
Chapter 22: Whispering Battle (Carla and Shin part 4)
Chapter 23: Duel (Carla and Shin part 5)
Extra: Yaoi Scene (Read "My Goodbye" First)
Chapter 24: Impure Vampires ( Carla and Shin part 6)
Author's Announcement (Very Important!)
Chapter 25: Menae (Carla and Shin part 7)
Chapter 26: Body Check (Carla and Shin part 8)
Chapter 27: Conversation (Carla and Shin part 9)
Chapter 28: Bed Time (Carla and Shin part 10)
Chapter 29: Memory (Karlheinz part 1)
Chapter 30: First Night (Karlheinz part 2)
Chapter 31: The Lesson (Karlheinz part 3)
Chapter 32: Dinner (Karlheinz part 4)
Chapter 33: Big Brother's Worry (Karlheinz part 5)
Announcement: Taking a Break
Chapter 34: Day 1 (Karlheinz Part 6)
Chapter 35: Finally Some Character Growth (Karlheinz Part 7)
Chapter 36: Strawberry Cake and Pepper (Karlheinz Part 8)
Chapter 37: Story Time (Karlheinz Part 9)
Chapter 38: Dinner Atmosphere (Karlheinz Part 10)
Chapter 39: Experiment Materials ( Karlheinz Part 11)
Announcement: The Next Update

Chapter 10: Adam and Eve

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By Akane_Levi

The first thing Kazz saw when he opened his eyes was Kou's beautiful face. Still half asleep, he reached out his arm and pinched Kou's cheek. 'So soft...'

The older vampire grinned at Kazz's actions, but he didn't want the little guy to enjoy it all. So he also pinched both of Kazz's chubby cheeks. He used a bit of strength as punishment as well.

"It hurts! Kou-chan, stop it!" Kazz was now fully awake with two swollen red cheeks.

'Kou-chan? That's the first time I heard him call me that...Anyways...' "Kazz, let's go and eat breakfast!"

'Oh yeah...We're Impure vampires, due to being former humans we should be used to things like human food.' Kazz thought back when reading the Wikia.

***Time Skip***

Karlheinz was sitting on the head of the long table while Ruki was seated to his right. Yuma was sitting next to Azusa who was next to Ruki.

Kazz made his way to the table and sat on the left of the Vampire King and Kou sat next to him.

The first half of dinner was quiet; everyone just ate their eggs and bacon. However, if you look at closely, the Mukamis have tears in their eyes as they chewed their food. Kazz saw this and realized that the food in front of him was like heaven to the Mukamis when they were back in the orphanage. Karlheinz as a researcher obviously noticed the Mukamis' actions as well, but he also noticed that Kazz didn't look that affected by the food.

The silence was broken when Karlheinz told everyone about his main plan for the Mukamis.

"The plan is called Adam and Eve. I want one of you to obtain the sacrificial bride and gain that power...This is the only way for the Demon World to be "saved."

The all-knowing Kazz already knows about the whole plan so he secretly sneered at the King's benevolent words. The Mukamis also felt like the King was hiding something from them, but they already gave him their loyalty so they have no choice but to obey.

"All of you will be participating in this plan. Failing means elimination, understand?" Karlheinz directed these words only to the Mukamis. "For you Kazz, you will be part of another experiment," he smirked.

"Why? I like Adam and Eve plan better!" Kazz pouted. I want to meet your sons and Yui!

"Young boy, you already know that you can't love anyone anymore...Your heart prevents it. You would be useless if you participated." Karlheinz words shocked the Mukamis who didn't know anything.

"I'm sure you'll enjoy my experiment for you..." Karlheinz smiled gently at Kazz.

(Here you go: What Kazz's clothes look like! : ) Note: Next updates will be next weekend! Have a great day~)  

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