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By ram227poi

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Clone Troopers, the Republics most finest troopers all happen to be Male. However what if there was a Batch o... More

Passing the Torch
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Battle Of Tatooine
Battle Of Tatooine pt2
Setting the Seeds
Friends, Rivals, Family
Secrets and Favors
Hidden Enemy
One Problem after Another
A Battle Won, Many To Come
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By ram227poi

(Y/n) Rose

Weapons: Purple Lightsaber Crystal




Droid: R2D10 "Ren"

Bio: Trained under Jedi Master Samantha Marek who was Trained by Mace Windu. Teaching young (Y/n) how to fight with all forms of Lightsaber Combat but specializes in Form 5 and Vapaad melee Attacks.

He went through his Jedi Trials as the First Battle of Geonosis was being fought. As the Clone Wars start to get underway he was assign to his former Master. Who took command of the 69th Clone Legion, a All Female Clone Legion.

His Master died during the First Battle of Tatooine forcing him to take command of the 69th Legion. After the 2nd Battle of Tatooine, the 69th was expand to a Corp, permanently place under (Y/n) with a Task Force.

The Task Force was command by an old friend of (Y/n), Emily Tarkin. The 2 were good friends, as they been on Multiple Diplomatic Mission together. His Master knew of thier friendship and let it be knowning something he didn't.

Alright thats the Basic stuff done. Now for the "Fun" Part. This a Full Female Division due to a Gentic Mutation that also lead to some unforeseen traits.

69th Tactical Clone Corp

Commanding Officers: Anya, FCT-2187
Weapons: Dual DC-17s, Vibro Blade

761st Clone Legion

Commander: Dimitra, FCT-4142
Weapons: Z-6 Rotary Cannon "Ladies Fist"

5th Elite Legion

Commander: Zara, FCT-2279
Weapons: DC-17M, Arm mounted Vibro-Blade

101st Airbrone Legion

Commander: X2, FCT-2417
If you have seen or Played Star Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron, then you know may recognize the name.
Weapons: DC-15s, Electro Staff

1st Clone Legion

Commander: Jedi Padawan Dahri (she wasn't the Orginal Commander)

Phase 1 Armor your Troopers Wear:


As the Cloning for the Clone Army began, a Gentic Mutation occur at 1 of the Facilities. This Mutation cause a large portions of the Clones to be turned Female. After closer examination, the only difference found between them and thier brothers was only the armor they wore.

They weren't deployed to Geonosis in due part to recieve modified armor. Afterwards they were place under the command of General Sammatha Marek and (Y/n) Rose. After Sammatha death, (Y/n) took command of the army and after the 2nd Battle of Tatooine, the Legion was expanded into a Full Corp.

In order to keep the 69th and Task Force functional, Facilities on Kamino were set on producing them. They serve valiantly through the Clone Wars, earning respect by thier brothers, Civilians, and Jedi alike. Further Research into what the mutation did was done and some discovery were made.

Naval Commander: Captain Emily Tarkin (later promoted to Commodore)

Rose Squadron:

2 × Legacy Class

4 × Venator Class

6 × Consular Class

4 × Arquitens Class Light Cruiser

3 × Accalmator Class Assualt Ship

Side Note: I am following the standard "Republic Trio", which usual a Legacy, 2 Venators, 2 Arquitens, and several Consulars. Unless said other wise this what will be usual deployed.

- The Fleet will expanded by the end of the Galactic Civil War, just know MC80 Liberty's are going to be in it. I LOVE THE MC80 LIBERTY

- Also I want the fleet to be more variable, not just the usual Venator trio.

- I also know the Imperator Clas existed in limited number during the Clone Wars but I want to use a ship I never used in my stories.

- Also your Starfighters will change form the Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War, and Beyond.

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