What's To Come [Not Edited]

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By _Bubbles1121




Where the first things to my ears as I woke up to the sound of my morning alarm going off. Turning off the alarm I make my way to my bathroom, hopping into the shower I began to lather my myself in my scented shower gel that made me smell like strawberries and I Love strawberries and pineapples and grapes an- you know what I think you get the point that I like food no fuck 'like' I LOVE food period.

After I finish the rest of my daily routine I wrap my wet hair up and walked to my closet. And picked out an outfit for today it's a off the shoulder crop top with black ripped skinny jeans that I set off with some white strapped sandals. And I'm going to wear my hair in messy bun.

Putting on the outfit I look at the person in my full length mirror and I just have to say she is gorgeous. Not to sound cocky but its true I am. As I scan over my face

I have my clear light carmel skin with a long curly brown mane of hair that stops just above my butt, I have high cheek bones with a cute button nose, big juicy pink lips but what really makes my face stand out are my eyes they are a beautiful light gray that goes perfectly with my nicely shaped eyebrows and thick long eyelashes framing them

Scanning my eyes down I focus on my body

I'm a petite person giving that I'm 5'4 and a half foot tall I'm probably one of the few short people at my school. Which is cool because I don't like people anyway but the best part about being short is that most people would understatement you like you can't beat them. BOY do I love showing them wrong. I just love proving people wrong it gives me as much satisfaction as going to sleep while it's raining outside gives another person. So try me if you want I'm just full of surprises.

But back to my body I have a nice one it's a bit pear shaped I wear a C cup and have a small waist with big hips a flat toned stomach and a big butt to match. I am safe to say I have a faint 6 pack and I'm proud took me awhile to get it.

Seeing myself in the mirror sometimes make me think of what my parents and who might I favor? My mom or my dad maybe neither. But then I instantly get those thoughts out of my head because when I start to think about them and why they left me in an alley way at night as a baby with nothing but my first and middle name and my birthday it pisses me off.

I was told that I stayed out there for a while until a women heard me cry and took me in as her 'own'. I would scoff at that thought the bitch was nothing but a hypocrite and a prostitute who stopped caring for me once I turned 6 years old not like she really did before. I'm not going into specific' s about her. All y'all need to know is that I ran away at that age and started to take care of my self for a while. But that's not the point right now the point is that I'm my own provider and I don't need anyone's help providing for me and mines.

Hearing my alarm go off again signaling for me to make my way to school shook me out of my thoughts. I sling my work out bag over my shoulder grabbed an apple and started to make my way out the house. I walk over to my baby a Kawasaki ninja 300 all black matte. And made my way to school


Pulling up in the almost empty parking lot of my school I take my helmet off and started walking to the front doors. I always come early to school just to avoid all the stares the people give me and to have an extra hour so I can dance freely without people watching me. You see dance is one of my many ways of coping with my fucked up life.

I'm pretty good at dancing it's a way to clear my mind and it keeps me from ripping heads off.

As I walk towards the schools dance studio I go to the dressing room and change into some all black shorts and a matching Nike sports bra with my black and white crop sweater

Walking out of the dress room I make my way to the center of the dance floor and look at myself in the mirrors that run all the way across the front walls and clicked the remote that started the music.

As the music start playing I let the sound fill the room drowning all my thoughts out and began to dance

^^She the girl in the middle and pretend she's by herself^^

Once the song ended I was going to turn to a different one but stopped once I heard the sound of clapping. Quickly turning around to see where the source of the clapping was coming from only to find a boy I've never seen before standing there

He was cute he was tall too, about 6'0 with creamy skin, he had long brown hair with natural blonde highlights and had light green eyes with nice pearly white teeth. He was also slim fit which wasn't my type. I like'em big with muscle.

"Who are you. And why are you here?" I said with a blank face assessing him with my eyes making sure he doesn't pull no slick shit.

Raising his hands in mock surrender "I don't me any harm I'm new here and was walking around the building when I heard music come from this room.... so I came here and saw you and let me tell you that that was amazing by the way." He said with an amused face and sly smile

"That still doesn't tell me who you are" I said slowly becoming annoyed

He must see that I'm getting pissed off and said " Sorry hey my name is Jaceson but you can call me Jace" holding his hand out for me to shake it

I look at him for a minute taking in on how he presents himself and reading his body language and I've come to see he may come to use in my close group (Which consists in 2 people and that includes me) He seems trust worthy.

Sticking my hand out I shake his hand smiling "It's nice to meet you my name is Amora and I'm sorry for the way I treated you earlier I'm not a real fan of people sneaking up on me." I say while shrugging my shoulders

Jaceson laughed and said " It's fine it was part my fault anyways and might I add you are one of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen and that I love your eyes. I would totally fuck you-"

Hold the fuck up

I gave him a look that he caught and continued saying with a laugh " If I wasn't gay"

Ooooo ok and heyy I always wanted a gay friend

Smiling I say " Thank you and I think where going to be good friends"

He smiled as well " I think so too"

And just then the bell rung signaling that actually school started




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