Insane Love

By Horrorgamer213

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Art in Internet Audio in Internet and some Smut maybe More

Chapter 1: My life
'What did I do?'
Poem 2
Chapter 2: My new bodyguard
Poem 3
Chapter 3: We're here
My trigger line was overload
Poem 4
Chapter 4: He already knew and I knew
Ow Love hurts literally
Poem 5
Chapter 5: Interested of Ghost and Horror (Kind of)
Cody and My Similarities, Difference, and Secrets?
Poem 6
Chapter 6: My first Birthday Kiss?!?!
I feel Different with him
Poem 7
Chapter 7: The Fight
Witnessing Child Birth
Poem 8
Chapter 8: Heart Broken
Broken Heart
Poem 9

"Just a Dream" By Nelly

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By Horrorgamer213

 Cody came back after a day it felt like a year without him but he had these white things on his ears then he was humming 'What is he humming about?' I thought then I seen something on his ears it was white and it had words "Beats"I wounder what was it I never get out the asylum the staff always say "I'm too crazy to get out and I would try to kill people like how I did to Mama and Papa but this time they won't take me back they will put me in jail or even worst he walked towards me then he took off the white thingy off of his ears then he smiled 

"Hey Chlo - Chlo"

He said my nickname that the others gave me expectantly the men who "Raped" me 

"Hey Cody"

"Um what wrong"

What's that?"

"What's what?"

"That" then I pointed the white things that he had on his hands 

"OH Um this is called headphones you could hear anything from this, also that's call a phone"


"no no Phone,Phone"

"oh Phone"

"yea you got it you wanna hear music?"


"Yea Music here"

he put the Headphones on my ears then he was playing a playlist of Nelly?Huh I wondered how was he or even she?Then after 3:43 I Loved it who he feels the love for the girl I really wanna be like that have a guy who loves me I really love this part in Nelly's song

When I be ridin', man, I swear I see her face at every turn.

Tryna get my Usher over I can't let it burn.And I just hope she know that she the only one I yearn for.

More and more I miss her. When will I learn?

Didn't give her all my love, I guess now I got my payback.

Now I'm in the club thinking all about my baby, Hey, she was so easy to love.

But wait—I guess that love wasn't enough.

I'm going through it every time that I'm alone.

And now I'm missing, wishing she'd pick up the phone.

But she made the decision that she wanted to move on

'Cause I was wrong.

For some reason I Love that part It makes me happy Cody looked at me he was smiling I couldn't help but smile back at him He was so cute with his Red dyed hair and Blue eyes like snow away I really wanna kiss him but when I looked at the phone it was 9:06 I gasped he got worried quick 

"What's wrong?"

"You were supposed To leave at 9:00"
But then he giggled and took out a paper and said Sign out and he grabbed my hand, we were walking out the door He had a jeep   

It was dark green like a military color I felt different with him the asylum was more different my life is gonna be more different now with him.

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