How To Get Free PR9 Backlinks...

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How To Get Free PR9 Backlinks For Your Website

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By hairrenato46

If you happen to be a novice to the online marketing industry, you could be a bit baffled by the terms that gets thrown around online. Some of the terms for example 'dofollow' and backlinks may sound weird, however these are some of the most important techniques of online marketing which you should know.

On the internet, you can of course get yourself linked to other webpages. You may get this on the basis of affiliation or for other reasons. The two types of links that you can find here are ones that leave a bit of their link juice to be passed on to your site and the ones that don't. You have to get the 'dofollow' links that allow some of their juice or authority to be passed on to you website.

So, having some links from big, reputable websites that are 'dofollow' is an incredibly powerful way to easily boost your credibility. The internet websites are assigned a page rank or PR. This ranking is what that decides the authority of a website. A collection of various algorithms obtained from a website might help the search engines in deciding how relevant and legitimate a website is and this is what page ranking actually is. You can get maximum benefit by linking with those websites that have a good page rank.

The highest PR a website could ever receive at the time of writing is a 9. This is reserved for only the most detailed and involved sites out there, and receiving a link back from one of these websites is a really strong tool. Having just merely one or two [ PR9 backlinks] would be a lot more effective than having hundreds of PR1 or even PR3-4 links combined.

So - how will you get yourself linked from these behemoths of the internet?. Obviously, it is not easy to get [ PR9 backlinks]. Here is an easy solution. There are some sites with which you can create links quite easily and what's more these sites likewise enjoy good ranking on the search engines.

When considering such hugely popular websites, the best example that I could give you is this one: :


LinkedIn is effectively the Facebook of business owners and professionals. Just by creating a profile in networking sites you could get links to your site. This instantly generates a 'dofollow' link back to your website.

There are many thousands of business companies and professionals listed here in this site. This is the perfect spot where you could enhance your business relationships or even hire professionals for the services that you need. There is little doubt that getting a PR9 backlink from this website will improve your website ranking considerably.

LinkedIn will probably be changing this shortly, so that only premium accounts may use this feature - so take full advantage of it now whilst you still can! If you get it in right now, it will likely be there for good. You should be linking all of your profiles to your website, anyway, however the fact that this is an amazing source for 'dofollow' [ PR9 backlinks] that you could get for free in seconds makes this even more of a priority!.

We have presented a more detailed explanation on PR9 backlinks in our web page. In case you are interested, just mouse click this link -

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