Forever & Always (Under Editi...

By Melanin_Baddii

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Winter Maria Lykaios is a 16 year old girl with a fucked up past. Coming from a mafia family, the Greek mafia... More

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Chapter 1: Nyctophilia✔️
Chapter 2: Susurrus✔️
Chapter 3: Hygge✔️
Chapter 4: Hiraeth✔️
Chapter 5: Cicatrize✔️
Chapter 6: Petrichor✔️
Chapter 7: Mångata ✔️
Chapter 8: Anam Cara✔️
Chapter 9: Tarantism✔️
Chapter 10: Ephialtes✔️
Chapter 11: Agliophobia✔️
Chapter 12: Kalon✔️
Chapter 13: Selenophile✔️
Chapter 14: Ceraunophile✔️
Chapter 15: Fèath✔️
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Tattoos & Piercings

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By Melanin_Baddii


(Left side of neck)

(Right leg in the same spot)

(Left Breast)

(Right Sleeve)


(Belly button)

(Right side of nose)

(Left side of nose)

(Left ear)

(Right ear)

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