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By AlvaAckerman

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"I want to hear the ding sound that I level up" Miya M/N,the youngest Hunter in world of 'The Hunters'. He is... More

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Your Shadows Soldiers

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By AlvaAckerman

Name- Noir


Height- 6'2"

Hair color-black

Eye colour- Red

Level- 500 (Max)

Noir is the first gamer and he become your shadow. He's very loyal to you.

Noir always call 'King','My Liege', 'My Lord' to you.


Name- Shin



Hair colour- Orange

Eye colour- Amber

Level- 499

Nicknames from him to M/N- My King,My Liege,Summoner, Monarch,M/N-Sama.


Name- Kurumi


Height- 5'6"

Hair color-black

Eye colour- Red (Right)
                      Yellow Clock (Left)

Level- 497

Nicknames from her to M/N- My King,Leader,M/N-Sama.


Name- Licht


Height- 6'

Hair colour- Dark Blue

Eye colour- Silver

Level- 497

Nicknames from him to M/N- King, Leader, Director,M/N-Sama,
Summoner, Monarch.


Name- Elise

Age- ????

Height- 5'8"

Hair colour- Blond

Eye colour- Green

Level- 486

Nicknames from her to M/N- My King,M/N-Sama,My Liege.




Height- 6'

Hair colour-Blond

Eye colour- silver

Level- 485

Nicknames from him to you- My Liege, Director,My King.


Name- Nike


Height- 5'3

Hair color-black

Eye colour- Red

Level- 484

Nicknames from him to M/N- King,M/N-Sama.




Level- 469

Nicknames from him to you- My Liege,King,Summoner.


Name- Vera

Level- 460

Nicknames from him to you- My Liege,King,M/N-Sama.

Other shadows

Shadow soldiers- Imagine there are millions of them.

Instead of Black and Blue please Imagine that they have Black and (Favorite Colour).

Level- 230


Shadow ants- Imagine there are thirty  thousands of them.

Please imagine they have Black and (Favorite Colour)



High Orcs (Imagine there are twenty-five thousands of them)



Mages (Imagine there are a thousand of them)


If shadow soldiers reach to level 500 or the max. They can destroy the whole country with a snap of their fingers.

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