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⚠️WARNING There May be somethings you dont like, so if you see anything uncomfortable to read, then click off... More

Sebastain x Innocent, Christian Male Reader
Choji x Foody Male Reader
Preg!Sasuke x Seme Haruno Male Reader
Kurama x Tailed Beast Flirty Male Reader
Light Yagami x Male Reader
Naruto x Jealous, Tsundere Male Reader
Flirty Sinbad x Cold Prince Male Reader
Bakugo x Blunt, Sweet-toothed Seme Male Reader
Oikawa x Male Reader
Izuku x Yandere, insane Male Reader
Kakashi x Shy Male Reader
Kageyama x Insecure, jealous male Reader
Tamaki Amajiki x Seme Male Reader
Kaneki ken x Sweet Ghoul Male Reader
Akashi Seijuro x Male Reader
Shigaraki x Caring Male Reader
Bakugo x Stripper Male Reader
Kise Ryouta x Seme Male reader
Armin x Seme Male Reader
Haku x Seme Male Reader
 Psychiatrist Deku x Sadist, Mental Male Reader
Saiki k x Narcissist Male Reader
Kirishima x Abused Male Reader
Denki x Male Reader
Bakugo x Trans Male Reader
Tododeku x Seme Male Reader
Aizawa x Male Reader
Sebastian Michaelis x Veterinarian Seme Male Reader
Kaneki x Tsundere Human! Seme Male Reader
Kuroo x Shy, Freaky Male Reader
Kenma x Childish! Seme Male Reader
Mha boys harem x Substitute teacher male reader
Bakugo x Male Reader
Pro-hero Deku x Seme Husband Male Reader
Levi x Masochist Top Male Reader
Eren Yeager x Male Reader
Dazai x Male Reader
Bakugo x Male Reader (Pt.2)
Tododeku x Seme Male Reader (pt.2)
Dabi x Male Reader
Kuroko x Male Reader
ALL MIGHT x male Reader
Sai x Tsundere Male Reader
Reiner x Seme Male Reader
Gojo Satoru x Male Reader
L x Friend-zoned Male Reader
Aomine x Male Reader
Drunk! Bokuto x Male Reader
Bakugo x Seme male reader
Levi x Seme Male Reader
Deku x Seme Male Reader
Yuri Katsuki x Seme Male Reader
Hawks x Male Reader
Eren x Male Reader
Saitama x Male Reader
Dazai x Suicidal! Seme Male Reader
Endeavor x Seme Male Reader
Bakugo x Male Reader
Nagisa Hazuki x Seme Male Reader
Kirishima x perv male reader
Kenma x Blasian Male Reader
Chris P nuts.
Sebastian x Male Reader
Starting my art career! 
Uta x Seme male reader
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Jealous!Bakugo x Blunt Seme Black Male Reader

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By PremiumAssEater

⚠️WARNING! This may or may not contain 18+ words, actions, etc.)  May be a short, or long story🧍🏿‍♂️
Name: Y/n, L/n
Height: 6'0
Gender: Male
Hair color: dark brown
Eye color: light brown
Body shape: toned, lean figure

(Idk who made him, or where he came from..but he is beautiful)

(Dont matter)

Y/n was in class, leaning on mina's desk and talking with her about today's test.

Mister Aizawa wasn't in class yet, so everyone was just talking with each other, not in their seat, and y/n was doing the same since it was early in the morning.

Bakugo was across the room glaring hard at y/n. He was jealous. He irritated that y/n wasn't talking to him instead, plus Bakugo hated being ignored. He hated that the glares he was sending y/n didn't catch his attention. He wanted y/n to notice him without actually telling him.

Bakugo grew a tch mark and growled. Aizawa walked in and everyone went quiet and started going back to their seats. "Alright " y/n said. "Bye" mina said and waved him off. Y/n smiled and walked back to his seat, beside Bakugo.

Bakugo glared hard at the side of y/n's head. Y/n sighed and looked at him. Bakugo scowled and looked away grumbling. Y/n sighed again, knowing Bakugo was in his bitchy mood again.

"The fuck wrong witchu now?" Y/n mumbled so Aizawa wouldn't hear. He glanced over a Bakugo for a response.

Bakugo scoffed and ignored him. Y/n sighed and looked away. Bakugo grew a tch mark that y/n wasn't begging for attention. He hated when y/n did that. But that was just how y/n was. When y/n wasn't in the mood for Bakugo's bullshit, when he was like this. It was better to ignore Bakugo.


It was lunch, and everyone got up to go eat. Y/n got up while laughing and chatting with denki. Bakugo growled and stood up he dramatically stomped out trying to get y/n's attention.

Y/n glanced at him and sighed. "Ill be back, save me a seat" y/n told denki and walked out behind Bakugo.

"Aye." Y/n said and grabbed Bakugo's arm. Bakugo snatched away from him and keep walking, low-key glad he's getting attention.

Y/n frowned and snatched him by his arm. Bakugo grunted. "Dont fuckin' ignore me, im talkin' to you." Y/n snapped. Bakugo glared up at him.

"The fuck is yo' problem??" Y/n asked while frowning his eyebrows. Bakugo glared and looked away. "Fucking nothing! Go eat with raccoon eyes, and fuckin' sparky!" Bakugo growled and tried to snatch away from y/n.

Y/n got irritated and tightened his grip on Bakugo so he wouldn't get away. "Here you go with this shit again. Stop bein' so fuckin' jealous all the time, they're just my fuckin' friends. You dont see be gettin' mad cause you hang with kirishima all the damn time, and he obviously is into you, but you dont see me tryna fight him! You wanna know why?? Cause i know you mines! So why can't you just trust me?? Huh??" Y/n said and Bakugo looked up at him a little surprised.

"You do too fuckin' much, bruh" y/n mumbled and walked away. Bakugo stared at his back. He kinda felt bad. He just wanted attention, but he was too harsh. That's just how Bakugo was. He didn't know any other way to express his feelings except through anger.

Bakugo cursed him and grunted while walking away.


Y/n was in his dorm on his phone laying back on his bed while eating hot chips. He heard a knock on the door, and put his phone down and his chips. He licked his fingers and opened the door and looked down at Bakugo.

Y/n raised a eyebrow and tilted his head a little. "What?" Y/n asked and Bakugo blushed and looked away frowning. "Can we talk??" Bakugo grumbled. Y/n rolled his eyes and let Bakugo in.

Y/n shut the door and sat back down on his bed and continued eating his chips while Bakugo struggled to apologize.

"Um.....im-..im sorry about early..." Bakugo said and blushed while looking down and frowning.

Y/n looked at him blankly while smacking on his chips. "Ok" y/n said blankly and licked his fingers. Bakugo snapped his head at him and frowned while blushing more. "Thats all?! "Ok"?! And are you really eating while im trying to apologize?!" Bakugo growled while his eye twitched in anger and in embarrassment.

"Hm? Uh- yea. Im not mad no more so, we good.." y/n mumbled and shrugged. Bakugo sighed and blushed irritated.

"Dumb ass.." Bakugo mumbled. Bakugo pouted and walked up to y/n, and straddled his lap and wrapped his arms around his neck and laid his head on his shoulder. Y/n looked at him while licking his fingers, and went back to eating.

"Fucking stop smacking in my ear." Bakugo whined and glared. Y/n looked at him and then suddenly slapped him hard on his ass. Bakugo jerked and gasped.

"Shut that shit up. I can smack if i wanted" y/n mumbled and rolled his eyes. Bakugo blushed hard and stayed quiet while nuzzling into y/n's neck.

Y/n got done and grabbed his water bottle and tilted his head back and gulped water down. Bakugo blushed more while staring at his adam's apple move in his neck. He weirdly found that attractive.

Bakugo bit his bottom lip and scooted closer on top of y/n, purposely grinding on his print a little and tightened his grip around y/n's neck. He arched his back a little and pressed his plump man chest on y/n's chest, exposing his hard nipples. Y/n paused and looked at him while wiping his mouth and sitting his water bottle down.

"...if you wanna fuck, just say dat...aint no need to be shy." Y/n said blankly and Bakugo blushed hard and gasped a little while looking at y/n.

"W-what?! What are you talking about??" Bakugo said flustered and y/n rolled his eyes and looked at Bakugo. "Dont fuckin' play wimme, Katsuki. You up here ridin' my fucking dick." Y/n chuckled out and Bakugo blushed more and looked away. "I dont know what you're talking about.." Bakugo mumbled.

"Oh really?? Then what the fuck is this??" Y/n asked and gripped Bakugo's boner. Bakugo gasped and held his moan back.

"Hm?? It cant be that you're hard right now..." y/n teased and groped Bakugo's boner. Bakugo grunted and buried his face in y/n's chest. "You're not lying are you??? Because this sure do feel like a fuckin' boner" y/n mumbled in Bakugo's ear and unbuckled his pants. Bakugo panted and trembled while slightly whining. "N-no.." Bakugo mumbled and y/n dug his hand in Bakugo's crotch and gripped his member. "Really???" Y/n asked and Bakugo let a moan out and gripped y/n's wrist.

"A-ah~" Bakugo moaned and covered his mouth while blushing redder. "Then why are those girly ass sounds leavin' yo mouth?" Y/n asked and frowned his eyebrows while looking at bakugo. Bakugo blushed more and whined while rolling his hips against y/n.

Y/n smirked a little and suddenly stood up, and made Bakugo fall back on his bed. Bakugo panted and looked up at him while hiding his red face a little with his forearm.

"W-what are you doing~?" Bakugo mumbled and blushed looking at y/n lewdly. Y/n blankly took his jacket off, and un tied his tie.

"What does it look like? We 'bouta fuck."

"D-DONT SAY IT SO CASUALLY!" Bakugo said while blushing hard and scowled y/n embarrassed. Y/n glared and grabbed Bakugo by his hair. Bakugo whined and closed one eye, while hissing as y/n tugged it.

"The fuck i tell you 'bout all that raisin' yo voice at me, bitch? Shut the fuck up."

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