The Sleep Over

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sorry Ive been realllyyyyyyy busy but hey I always make time ok byyyyeeeeee

Boys POV:

Ray: ummm girls we will be right back we are stepping out for a moment

Boys except for ray: huh

Ray: just come on!

Boys: ok dang


Boys: ok why are we out here

Ray: I think we should stay the night

Prince: Ray we barley know them

Prod: and?...your point is I would love to see them have a pillow fight or play buttnaked uno *smirks*

boys all stare at him

Prod: what?

Roc: anyway I think its a plan we can make happen so lets go

(back inside)

Girls: heyyyyy babbbbbbbeeeeeessssss

Boys: 0.o

Ray: anyways.....can we stay the night we dont think the car will be fixed by tonight and our parents and everyone eles who can pick us up is outta tow :)

Prince: smooth ray

Ray: man shut up

Dessi: sure you can stay the night I have no prob with that I mean  my parents dont care they dont pay attention long enough anyway

Girls and boys: ok lets pair up

Dessi: ok ray with kayla tori with prod prince with sierra and roc you can be with me

Boys in their minds: YESSSSS


ok so how do you  think this night will end ;) Love you angels Adios!!!!

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