I will make sure you will NEVER have childern. Ever

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Lily's Pov

It was the day after the meeting with Daniel at the ring and I still couldn't work out how Ethan and Charlie know Daniel. Did they have a past, or did they work for him. But what ever it was there was some bad blood between them and I'm not sure what caused it. But I was willing to find out.

I was currently at lunch with Mia and Riley; the guys had detention so I was sat here listening to the new mushy couple.

" I have to go and talk to my science teacher I'll see you later" I hear Mia say and then she's gone leaving me with Riley.

I look at him while he watches Mia leave, and as she goes through the doors he turns round at me.

" Right I'm going to leave," he says awkwardly as I give him the evils

" Oh no you are not " I push him back in his seat " I need to talk to you "

" Okay...." He says a bit confused

" Right first things first Mia is my best friend and my only friend, so she's pretty much my sister." He nodded " secondly if you hurt her in any way I will make sure you wont be able to have children. Ever. Got it " he nods I get up to leave but he pulls me back into my seat.

" It's now my turn to talk Reed..."

" Go ahead"

" Right I know you think I'm a dick, and I am but I like Mia a lot, so hurting her is the last thing I would do and if I did I would gladly let you kick my ass cause I know you can" I smile

" Also I have heard about you and Daniel and I want to make one thing clear" I was shocked but then nodded

" Mia doesn't get pulled into this "

" Agreed," I say " you better not hurt her please I haven't seen her this happy any awhile" he nodes and I leave walking to P.E.

I walked into the changing rooms and went to my locker that had my kit in today we were doing swimming, which was fine by me.

"Hey girly" Mia says walking in

" Heyyy you alright"

"Yeah just soooo tiered," I laugh at my best friend she's always tiered.

I open my locker and a bit of paper comes out, I pick it up. It can't be another one, I wait until Mia is changed.

" Hey you coming?" she asked

" Um no I'm felling ill could you cover for me?" I ask

" Sure I hope you get better soon" and then she walks off. I then open it.

Did you miss me sweetheart? Kisses – D

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