Chapter Nineteen

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Demi's P. O. V.

After a long flight, we finally land in Manchester city, we spent the night at a hotel cause it was late.

This morning, Madison woke everyone up so early so we could go and see Dani, she really loves her.

We had a quick breakfast and head to the address that officer O'Neil gave me.

After an hour, we finally reach the house... More like a super mansion.

- This place is huge - Maddie said.

- Sure you have the right address?  - Dallas asked.

- I'm pretty sure this is it, come on. - I said walking to the big gates.

- May I help you? - said a man from the other side of the gates.

- Uh yeah, is this Sheryl Edwards' house? - Mom asked him.

- Yes, do you have an appointment? - he asked.

- Uh no, we uhm we're actually looking for my sister?  Danielle? - Dallas said more like a question.

- Oh Dani's at school right now. - he said.

- Can we wait for her inside?  I'm kinda tired... - Maddie asked.

- Let me see if it's okay with Mrs. Edwards. Wait here. - he said walking inside the mansion.

He came back after 5 minutes.

- You can wait inside, Mrs. Edwards wants to meet you. - he said opening the gates and letting us in.

We walking inside the mansion and it's so beautiful.

Everything looks so expensive here, so I guess they are taking good care of Dani.

- Hello. - a woman said walking downstairs. - Dean told me you wanted to see Danielle.

- Uh Yeah, hi, we Uh we're Dani's family. - Dallas said kinda nervous.

- So I'm guessing one of you is that lovely Sister that treated My niece like she was some kind of garbage? - she said simply and I felt all eyes on me making me feel more than guilty.

- That... That would be me? - I whispered.

- So... Not to be rude but, what do you want? Danielle is great, she's doing good at school, I give her everything she needs and wants. - she said sitting on the big couch in the living room.

- Look, I'm sorry okay?  I didn't meat anything I said to her, I was hurt and jealous and angry with Patrick and... I shouldn't have took it on her, but it's my fault, I said all those things, I don't deserve her in my life, but Dallas does and Maddie too, so do my parents, they love Dani to death, and they'd do anything for her... All I'm asking for is to see her so I can apologize, I know she'd probably kick me out of here but at least let them see her, they love her and I know she loves them too. - I said taking I deep breath at the end.

- That's not on me darling, it's all on her if she wants to talk to you or not. - she said calmly. - Would you like a cup of tea or coffee while we wait? The girls should be at home in less than an hour.

- The girls? - Maddie asked.

- Dani and Chelsea, my daughter. - she explained.

Let me tell you that hour was the most awkward hour ever.

Nobody said a word, we just looked at each other.

Finally we heard the front door open and giggling filled the room.

- Mom, are you home? - a girl, Chelsea I guess, because of her British accent, yelled from the kitchen.

- Living room honey, please bring Dani here a moment. - she yelled back.

And moments later, My little sister walking in the room.

- What are you doing here? - she said with no emotion in her voice.
Well shit...


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