~16~ an exhibition

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Where’s the glamour in my life? All I’m doing right now is emptying out the bins. How fun… Sometimes I wonder if my life will always be this mundane. Probably. 

Well, I’ve nearly completed my wastepaper/bin rounds. One last office along my route. Coach Moody’s office. Argh…

I’m looking forward to going home. My arse hurts. My back hurts. I think I’m about to begin my period. That means I’ll just have to waddle like a fvcking duck everywhere. 

I may have missed a month. No — I’m not pregnant. There was one time when I missed two whole months — I kid you not. At the time, I was kinda worried. I mean, I knew I hadn’t done the deed with any guy but… there was one point, where I thought my body had gone all “immaculate conception” on me.

Gina actually came round with a pregnancy test. Marie pestered me to go to the doctor. Dad saw the pregnancy test (we all forgot that it had been left in the bathroom) and you can probably imagine what happened next, yeah? 

All hell broke lose. 

I’m not joking. Possibly one of the worse days of my life. I was fourteen. Dad went frothing-at-the-mouth crazy. He demanded to know who the “father” was. It was kinda funny how pathetic he was. But I got p!ssed off myself when he wouldn’t let me get a word in edgeways. I think that was one of the most rabid, preachy rants he delivered to me — ever. 

Seriously, I wanted to kill him. He was a crazy fvcker. Any normal person would have just listened to their daughter. Reassured her. And told her to wait a few weeks before seeing the doctor.

Not unstable Gilles Van Hoff. 

He turned into his father. 

Anyway, I don’t want to think about it.

My knuckles rap on Navarro’s door. Silence. Well, he can’t say I didn’t warn him if he’s busy…

I push the door open and a surprising sight confronts my eyes. No no, not another amorous scene. Although, I certainly wouldn’t mind if Navarro decided he wanted to fvck me senseless.

The coach is napping like a baby. It’s very sweet actually. He looks like a hot fallen angel when he’s asleep. 

Less moody. Less grumpy. Less serious.

I creep into the room. It feels kinda empowering watching someone while they’re sleeping. His at his most vulnerable; I’m at my most stalker-ish. I could do anything to him…

Not that I’d go that far, of course…

I wonder over to his bookshelf and look over the titles. He likes the romantic poets. Byron. Shelley. Keats. 

Ooh, what do I see here? D.H. Lawrence. So, he likes a bit of naughty, then? 

Sons and Lovers.

If you want a lover, Armand — I’m always here. You can find me a few doors down emptying out the bins…

I edge closer to him. A lonely book is by his feet on the wood floor. Must have tumbled out of his fingers earlier. 

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

I smirk. “Yeah, b@stard, you’ve been a real Hyde to me, haven’t you?” 

The sound of my voice surprises me. Did I just say that aloud? I believe so. Navarro remains undisturbed from his rest. 

My eyes rake over his body. A few shirt buttons are unbuttoned, displaying a sliver of perfect bronze skin. I feel my knees weaken, so I sit on the desk, still watching his sleeping features.

I feel like I’m in an art gallery. I’m devouring him with my gaze. I long to touch him but that’s against the rules…

Or is it?

He won’t know. I stand and my face leans closer to his gorgeous one. His lashes are so long — wasted on a man. Especially, a moody one. I lick my lips nervously. Can’t actually believe I’m about to attempt this. He’ll probably wake up and kick me out of the team…

Well, fvck him and fvck the team. At this moment, all I care about is sating my appetite for him…

I keep my eyes open. Strands of my dark hair brush against his face. My lips are a centimetre away from his juicy, scarlet mouth. Before I lose my nerve, I press my mouth against his. The pressure I exert is whisper-soft. Our lips shape together — a perfect fit. Satiny skin against satiny skin. I luxuriate in his softness. My hands grip his chair arms. I’d probably end up falling against him if I didn't. My eyelids close as I allow a series of pleasant sensations to overwhelm me. He murmurs indistinctly against my lips. 

It sounded like a name…

I freeze.

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