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Chapter Five

I jolted upright from my seat just in time to hear a scream, I put my shorts on not bothering with a shirt, opened my door and ran down the hall to Emma's room, I pushed the door open to find Emma  sitting in the corner of the room, hugging her knees, and shaking, silent tears running down her cheeks; her sobs were getting louder as I walked closer and closer  to where she sat. I knelled down next to her and put a hand on her shoulder to make sure she was okay, but she flinched from my touch and raised her head to look at me, and that's when I couldn't help the gasp that left my mouth. Her once dark brown eyes have turned a gleaming ice blue I've never seen anything like them before they were lighting up her dark and bland room , her shaking got worse and she was on the verge of screaming now, I didn't know what to do, I suspected what was wrong but I wasn't sure, I mean could it be that she was one of us, how come I didn't know, let alone my parents, and how could we have let her live like a maid, and why did my parents warn us to stay away from her that same night they brought her in, knowing what she was, so many questions, not enough answers but for now Helping Emma is the number one priority, So I pulled out my cell phone from my pocket and debated whether to call my dad or Evan, so I decided to text Evan:

'Emergency, up stairs, now'

I hit send and then called my dad he picked up after the second ring. His masculine voice came through the other end

"Hello Ethan, is everything okay son?"
  He asked with concern for calling him so late at night, it is almost one in the morning after all.

" There is something wrong with Emma; if I am not mistaken I think she is one of us Dad."

I said in a rush, his tone completely changed as he said

"I'll be there in a minute." I heard him close the phone, and I went back to sit by Emma because she needs somebody by her side during all she is going through and will go through  for the next couple of days till the process is done. I looked at her and she was still shaking, but now also digging her nails in her thighs, she leaned her head back till it hit the wall and closed her eyes like she was concentrating on something, her breath was still uneven. I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard somebody opening the door, my dad and Evan walked in, my dad was a big man with wide shoulders, very manly and strong features, and you would fear looking straight in his eyes because of his full authority and power.

He bent down to check on Emma and turned to ask me "how long has she been like this?" while Evan said

"The orphan is one of us?" we both glared at him .

"About an hour" I answered ignornig Evan, he nodded and looked back at Emma, and suddenly she opened her eyes and jerked up to a standing position. She looked like she is ready for a fight. Her wide crystal eyes were searching the whole room for any danger, her eyes flickered to my dad to me and then to Evan,  she started walking closer toward me slowly, and when she was close enough she held her hand up and touched my face. A growl came from the corner of the room and her eyes snapped to Evan's and an animalistic sound came from her throat and with one swift movement she had him pinned against the wall with sharp nails digging into his neck ready to rip out his trachea, with every move calculated I walked up to her and placed a hand on her shoulder trying to calm her down while my dad said

"Be very careful Ethan, she is not herself right now, and Evan don't you dare move, she will kill you faster than you could lift a finger"

With a soft voice I called to her

"Emma, can you hear me?"

She twisted her head toward me and tilted her head as if trying to remember who I was, she then dropped Evan on the floor with a thud and turned her whole body to face me and just like before she lifted her hand and traced my face this time   something inside me was fighting to get out but I couldn't let it, not here not  now. I looked at my dad pleading for him to let me go, he understood and nodded his head, I looked one last time at Emma before walking out and shutting the door behind me. Just as I stepped in my room I heard a piercing scream for the second time tonight that had me running back to Emma's room.

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