Chapter 20

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We walk in silence into the kitchen where Jacinta was standing admiring the room. I wasn't in a really good mood to be yelling at Dan and he was in too much of a rush to find Jacinta.

"Jacinta?" Jacinta whirls around and stares at Dan expressionless. Then a smile creeps onto her face. She leaps onto him embracing him in a hug. He glares at me and I get that was the queue for me to leave. But I didn't. I should've but didn't.

"I've missed you so much..." She stares into his eyes. Then turns her gaze to me and glares at me.

"Let's go... Dan..." She drags him out of the room and I just stare. I continue to stare until they are way out of sight and then I slump down in a chair. When did my life get so complicated?

I can't even explain how hurt I'm feeling. It's like I'm so surprised that I can't even show it. I feel like screaming.

I walk down the hallway and into my room holding back my grief and anger. When I open the door I see to maids doing my bed and cleaning. The anger is rising in my throat but I hold back and stare.

"Sorry miss, we thought while you were gone we would clean up..." She murmurs, "We didn't think you would be back so soon." I felt pity for her, she looked really scared.

"Don't worry about it." I weakly smile, this could be a good time to get a few answers. I look at the other lady who looked in her 50's obviously not a vampire. None of the workers here were.

"Umm, how long have you worked here for?" I asked the lady who was now cleaning the windows.

She glanced up and looked around the room to see who I was talking to but soon realised it was herself. She looked embarrassed.

"Um, well 35 years, miss." She continued cleaning the windows.

"Do you remember Dan getting married to someone called Jacinta?" I ask pretending to not sound too interested, but I was and it showed. I was also angry. She giggled.

"Yes, how could I forget? Why?" She sounded confused.

"No reason." I step over to my bedside table and start rearranging the books. "Why did they get married?" I blurted unwillingly. I quickly covered my mouth.

She laughed once again, "Don't worry, Jacinta had a crush on Dan but Dan never felt the same way, and then Jacinta was in a car accident with her family, and she was the only one who survived but she was dying fast and Dan had to change her to make her survive. And as you know once someone changes someone they have to marry." She stopped taking a deep breath, and I nodded understanding.

"But why did she leave?" I asked as the question hit my mind.

"Oh, she just wanted to find her other family, because her parents died in the accident. So she went to find her uncle. And she never came back. It was a good thing, Dan really didn't like her." She looked up at me confused, "Why all the sudden interest, Miss Katie?" She asks and I completely feel guilty for spilling my questions on her.

"Well, she's here." I here two gasps and look from the two maids and they quickly look down.

I pass it and grab my coat leaving but before I left I looked towards the maid and mouth a thank you, she smiled and continued doing her job.

I walked down the hallway. Knowing I was angry. I speed walked all the way until I reached Dan door. I knocked and waited. I waited a minute and then I heard scattering as the door opened.

I looked at Jacinta as she held the door slightly open.

"Um, may I please speak to Dan?" I ask politely smiling. She turns around and tells Dan to come over. I look at him and he is glaring at me.

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