XLIX - Trouble In Paradise

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"Leave me alone."


"Go away."


"Stop it!"


"Stop it, now!"


"Greyson, fuck off!"

Indianna's yell silenced the classroom and her eyes went wide when she saw everyone staring at her. Greyson just raised his eyebrows in amusement, his smirk growing wider when Indianna glared at him.

"Indianna, Greyson might be rather annoying but I think your choice of words might've been a little explicit," Kirstie called, turning round from where she was writing on the board.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to yell," Indianna mumbled.

"Greyson, move to the front," Kirstie ordered. "You two clearly can't behave when you're together."

Greyson narrowed his eyes at Kirstie's condescending tone and remained sitting.

"Now," Kirstie said. "Not in your own time."

Greyson gritted his teeth and stood up, ignoring his sisters smug grin. She loved being able to tell him what to do in an institution where he wasn't the boss.

Greyson made his way to the front of the classroom and the lesson started again- Indianna's outburst completely forgotten.

*There was no need to yell, sugar.*

*There was no need to continuously poke me,* Indianna countered.

*You were continuously ignoring me,* Greyson said.

*Because I'm angry at you.*

*Haven't we already covered this?* Greyson wondered. *Although, I'm happy to go back to the empty office and relive that lovely "argument" we had.*

Indianna's face went bright red and Greyson turned round and smirked at her. *Be quiet.*

*You're cute when you blush.*

*I'm not blushing!* Indianna snapped.

Greyson smiled to himself. *Sugar,* he said, *I am sorry. I really am.*

*I know you are, Greyson,* Indianna shrugged.

*Are we not going to talk about what happened earlier?*

*There's nothing to talk about,* Indianna mumbled.

*Indie, you had your first time in an abandoned office in school. I'm pretty sure you weren't expecting that.*

*I was not.*

*Are you okay with it?*

*I wouldn't have gone through with it in the first place if I wasn't comfortable with doing it,* Indianna said. *Like you said, the first time is shit, we might as well remember the better moments.*

*So you're suggesting that we're going to do it again,* Greyson said smugly.

*I didn't say that...*

*You implied it, sugar,* Greyson smirked to himself. *Besides, it wasn't even that shit.*

*That shit?* Indianna repeated.

*For you,* Greyson said. *Obviously you were in pain but after a while you were having the time of your life, sugar.*

*Let's not talk about this, Greyson.*

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