L- Laura

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The pack house was extremely busy when Indianna arrived after school. It was her first time arriving by herself and she was extremely anxious.

She wanted Greyson by her side.

She wanted him next to her so she knew she was safe. Not alone.

Indianna took a deep breath and walked across the path that led up to the front door. It was open wide, it usually was when there was so many people coming and going throughout the evening.

She hoped to go unnoticed as she entered the large house, but being the Luna of the pack came with attention.

Indianna forced a smile and muttered a few hellos to pack members who approached her. They were only being friendly but she hated it.


Indianna looked to the kitchen when she heard a familiar voice and she spotted Laura smiling at her through the door come.

"Come!" She said happily. "Help me bake."

Indianna nodded and walked into the kitchen. She dropped her bag by the door and made her way over to Laura. "Hi," Indianna smiled.

"You looked a bit overwhelmed, honey," Laura said and welcomed Indianna into a motherly hug. "I thought I'd save you and we can bake some cookies. I'd like to get to know you as well."

"Thank you," Indianna nodded, but she frowned. "Although I'm not a good conversationalist."

"Oh, I beg to differ," Laura grinned. "I've been told you're quite the character once you get to know someone."

Indianna blushed and smiled sheepishly at Laura. "Who told you that?"

"Who do you think?" Laura smirked and passed a bowl to Indianna. "Mix that will you, please?"

"Sure," Indianna nodded and started to stir the ingredients inside the bowl. Indianna glanced at Laura as she worked. She was beautiful. She didn't look a day over 30 and she had such a kind and friendly aura surrounding her.

"So, Indie. How is it being a werewolf?" Laura wondered.

Indianna frowned and chewed on her lip. "I want to say it's strange, but it isn't."

Laura smiled. "It feels natural?"

Indianna nodded. "Like I was never human in the first place."

"You never were human," Laura shrugged. "Your wolf side has just been dormant. Now it isn't and you are who you are meant to be."

"It is a little annoying, though," Indianna mumbled. "I have to pay attention to every little detail. I have to make sure I don't walk too fast, don't show too much strength, pretend I don't hear many things said around me."

"That will get better in time. I remember Greyson struggling with that when he first shifted." Laura laughed at the memory. "It infuriated him so much."

"I couldn't imagine him not being able to do something. He seems to always know what to do," Indianna murmured. "I could never imagine him... Helpless."

Laura smiled and nodded. "He's an Alpha, it's a rare sight that you'll ever see him helpless. Alpha's are always meant to be strong, if they show weakness it gives the pack members reasons not the believe in them. Even if he is not strong, he will put up a front. He will always strive to be better than the best."

"Sounds like him," Indianna murmured and sighed. "Laura, I overheard something a while ago about how Alpha mates are different than usual mates. Do you know what that means?"

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