XLVI- Argument

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Indianna's days were very uneventful after her shift. Her body was physically exhausted so she stayed in bed the most of the time.

She had many visitors. Pack members came to her, congratulating her on her shift. Everyone had heard how painful it was and they were all pleased to see their Luna regaining her strength.

Indianna had a strange longing inside of her. A longing for the woods. A part of her wanted to break free and head for the woods.

"It's your wolf," Greyson said, walking into Indianna's room and taking a seat on her bed.

"My what?"

"Your wolf," Greyson repeated and linked his fingers with Indianna's. "The werewolf side that is in you is now dominant because of the shift. Your wolf is alive within you and she wants to be let free. She wants to go for a run."

Indianna looked to Greyson. It felt strange that she could now feel and hear his thoughts just like he could hear hers.

Right now Greyson was stressed out. He'd been busy trying to find Rogue, but Kimberly had been creating problems- sneaking around in places she wasn't allowed and causing trouble for pack members. A large chunk of thoughts were dedicated to Indianna. He wanted to make sure she was okay and safe. However, there was something strange Indianna felt when she entered his thoughts. Greyson allowed most of his thoughts to run freely, giving Indianna complete access, however part of his thoughts were surrounded by a darkness that Indianna couldn't seem to get past.

It was a dark cloud surrounding a small section of Greyson's thoughts, blocking them from Indianna like a wall.

"A wall," Indianna whispered and narrowed her eyes accusingly. "After all this time of me not being to hide my thoughts from you, you're hiding yours just days after I can finally get into your head! Greyson, that is hardly fair!"

Greyson sighed and clenched his jaw. "Life isn't fair, sugar."

"Greyson!" Indianna gasped and pulled her hand from his grasp, pushing herself upright on the bed. "What don't you want me to know? What are you hiding from me?"

"If I was to tell you that would defeat the point of me blocking my thoughts in the first place," Greyson shrugged.

"You're still one up from me. We may have complete access to each other now, but you still know ways to cut me out. I can't do that, I never have been able to because you said no! You told me not to learn how to block my thoughts and I didn't!" Indianna snapped. "And now you're doing it straight away!"

"You know why I don't want you being able to cut me off," Greyson said. "With Rogue around you're not safe! I need full access to you at all times. I can't risk something bad happening to you, Indie!"

"Greyson, we both know that isn't the full reason," Indianna said and glared at Greyson.

"Sugar, calm down," Greyson ordered, but Indianna ignored him.

"You don't want us to be equal. You always want to be in control. Brooke was telling me that Alpha's are extremely protective and dominant, even more so over their mate. You always boss me about, tell me what to do and take charge. You don't like being ordered about, you like to give orders. By me not being able to block you from my mind means you are above me. It means you have more control over me. I thought Alpha's and Luna's were meant to be equal, but we are not, Greyson."

Greyson gritted his teeth and tried to think of a reply.

He couldn't.

Indianna was right.

He liked to be in charge. He was an Alpha, people listened to him and did as he said. He was used to having his way and only his way. He didn't want Indianna to learn how to block her thoughts from him because it was dangerous with Rogue around, but he also wanted to always be able to get to her. He never wanted anything in the way of what belonged to him.

Indianna was his mate and she was right. He did want to be above her, but he wanted to be so to protect her, watch over her and to make sure no harm ever came her way.

But it was not equality between them he wanted.

The werewolf world was sexist.

Extremely so.

The majority of werewolves were male and the men had the most power. The Alpha, a male, was in charge. His mate, the Luna, did hold some power within the pack, but her roles were tied to the pack members, not the nitty gritty stuff that only "men" should deal with. If it came down to it, the Beta (another male wolf) could hold more power over the Luna simply because he was a male and she was not, it wouldn't matter if technically she was a rank higher than him.

"I just want to protect you," Greyson said.

"You can still do that if we are equal."

"I'm sorry for hiding my thoughts from you," Greyson said.

"Can you tell me what you were hiding?"


"Then I want you to leave."

"Indie," Greyson said, "you're being dramatic."

"I am not," Indianna snapped. "You may be sorry about hiding your thoughts but it doesn't change the fact that you are going it. Unless you are going to tell me what you are hiding then I don't want to talk to you."

"Indianna," Greyson said and narrowed his eyes, "you're being childish. Stop it."

Indianna stiffened slightly. He hadn't called her Indie or sugar. She couldn't remember the last time he had called her Indianna.

He was angry.

"There you go again," she said quietly. "Telling me what to do."

"I can't seem to do anything right with you, can I?" Greyson snapped. He was angry. He was stressing out about the news he had found out about Rogue and he was annoyed at Indianna's nosiness. It was all building up and he was pissed off.

He was worried that he was going to take his anger out on Indianna unnecessarily.

"No, not at the moment," Indianna said, her voice rising. "We're mates, Greyson! Aren't mates meant to listen to each other and talk to each other! Share things between them! Why can't you just tell me?"

"Why can't you just stop asking questions! I'm not telling you for a reason, trust that I am doing it for your own good."

"You don't get to decide what's for my own good!" Indianna yelled.

"I am your mate!" Greyson growled. "I do."

"And you're being such a great mate currently!" Indianna hissed. "You wouldn't tell me about Rogue and now you're not telling me about this. I found out about Rogue and I will find out about this!"

"You will find out when I let you," Greyson said lowly. "And only then."

"You're an asshole!" Indianna gasped. "Stop being so controlling!"

"Stop being a nosy bitch and quit bugging me!" Greyson yelled, his voice rising and his tone laced with venom.

Indianna gasped softly and flinched. Greyson had never spoken to her in such a harsh tone before. "Get out," she whispered.

"Indie..." Greyson said and swore. "I didn't mean it to sound like that..." He reached for Indianna's hand but she moved away from him.

"Don't touch me!"


"Get out of my sight! You're a pig, Greyson. Leave!"


"Now!" Indianna shouted. "Fucking get out! Now!"

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