LV - I Love You

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As soon as Kimberly exited Laura's car Greyson stormed over to her and slammed her against the car, holding her up by her neck.

"Greyson!" Laura shrieked and tried pulling her son away from the choking pink haired girl but it was no use.

"You stupid little bitch!" Greyson hissed. "You think you could get away with that little stunt, eh? I should kill you, you nearly got Indianna arrested and possibly expelled!"

"Greyson, stop it!" Laura yelled and Indianna watched from the front door of the pack house.

After clearing the whole situation up at school Indianna and Greyson had come home, waiting the arrival of Kimberly.

She knew she should probably stop Greyson, but deep down she didn't want too.

"She goes," Greyson hissed and dropped Kimberly to the floor as she erupted into a coughing fit.

"Greyson, I know what she did was wrong, but she can't leave. Where else can she go?"

"Does it look like I give a shit?" Greyson yelled and glared at Kimberly. "She can go sleep in a fucking bin for all I care. If she's not gone by tonight I will personally drag her out into the woods by her hair and tie her to a fucking tree and leave her there to rot!"

Kimberly paled at the threat and Indianna knew she would have to calm Greyson soon or he would probably attack Kimberly.

She walked over to him and linked her fingers with his pulling him close to her. *Calm down,* Indianna said soothingly and kissed his cheek. *I don't like her, but I don't want you to kill her.*


Indianna was in Greyson's office sitting on the leather couch and reading a book. She was bored out of her brains, but she wanted to be here when Greyson arrived with his father. She needed to know what had been said about Rogue.

Greyson knew that Indianna was in his office, but his father, Mark, was surprised to see her.

"Indie," he smiled as Greyson walked over to his desk, kissing Indianna as he walked past her. "Lovely to see you again. I'm sorry to hear about what happened earlier with Kimberly."

"It's okay, it got sorted," Indianna said and Greyson sat behind his desk. Mark sat in the chair in front of his desk and Greyson sighed.

"The Elders don't know where Rogue is or how to find him," Greyson told Indianna.

"They told me that all packs will be alerted and the order has been given to kill on sight," Mark said. "They sent trackers out and they could faintly trace his scent to this town, but it vanishes. They've searched but no one can find him."

"Right," Indianna gulped. "So what now?"

"We keep our guard up and I keep training you," Greyson said. "You need to be able to fight and well."

"Rogue isn't invincible. When he does come out of the shadows we will be prepared," Mark said. "The Elders have given us their full resources. As soon as we are aware of Rogue's location they said that they will dispatch some of their best fighters to assist us if we need it. Neighbouring packs are bound to help. They all know your story, Indie. Your father was a kind and well liked Alpha and Rogue has to be stopped."

"I'll get Ace to reach out to other packs," Greyson nodded.

"What about tomorrow?" Indianna wondered. "Surely that's the best time to attack, when we're travelling alone?"

"We won't be alone. We will be escorted by our pack members to Janson's territory. A few of our pack members will stay with us and the others will go back home. They will journey back to Janson's pack when we are ready to go home. Rogue wouldn't dare attack such a large number of wolves. He may be mental, but he's not stupid," Greyson said and Indianna nodded, feeling slightly comforted by Greyson's precautions.

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