nine part 2

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By now, my forehead was resting on her's. Two tears had already spilled over, and more were threatening to follow. I brought my other hand to the side of her face, wiping her cheeks with my thumb and realizing she was crying as well. Both of our eyes were closed and no one dared to move away from the comfort of each other; until she leaned in, muttering a response.

"Then what are you waiting for? Daddy?"

- Lola -

I knew that I was ready for whatever was going to happen. Since I met Mr. Styles, I would always plan this moment out in my head; I wanted it to be perfect for the both of us. 

Without thinking, I hastily crashed my lips on his. I could tell he was shocked by my sudden act, but he picked up the pace along with me. After just seconds, his large hands grabbed hold of my shoulders and I felt him resisting. He suddenly pulled away and his eyes were sadness. 

What did I do wrong?

My eyes began to water and tears threatened to spill over. Thoughts of him leaving flooded my mind and it sickened me. I didn't want daddy to leave me just yet.

He looked at me with his lust full eyes and his mouth was parted. I sat patiently for the words to be spoken.

"Lola; Babygirl. I want to please you. It's my turn to make you feel good."

I was relieved that he still wanted to do this. I nodded my head and let him proceed to what he was planning on doing with me. 

Mr. Styles abruptly stood up, his crotch right in my face. 


His voice was stern and controlling. While the words were spoken, his right hand motioned for me to stand up, adding a snap.

I stood up in front of the towering figure, and soon, I felt insecure and little. 

"Mr. S-Styles-"

I was cut off when he shushed me and continued to stare down into my eyes. He had a smirk spread on his lips and his eyes were darkened with lust and need.

He bent down and his hands rested on my bum. I instantly understood and swung my legs around so they clung onto his torso. My arms were wrapped around his neck and I nuzzled my face into the crook of his shoulder.

Mr. Styles smelled of cigarettes and vanilla. I never liked the smell of cigarette smoke, until it was on him.

Before I knew it, we were walking up the stairs, my legs dangling each step.

Soon, I felt one of his hands leave from holding me and push open a door.

He must have found my bedroom door. Well, it does have a pink heart with my name written in cursive on it.

My room was just as I had left it. The main light was off, but the golden, fairy lights hanging near my bed were on. 

I felt myself being lowered onto my bed and his touch left me. I remained on the bed, watching him close my curtains and undo the first few buttons of his shirt.

He walked back to the bed, seriousness written all over his face. He knelt down on the floor and I could feel his hot breathe on my neck.

"I am in control now, babygirl."

He sat up and walked over to my desk, pulling my desk chair to the edge of the bed. His dark smirk lingered on his face. I had a feeling he knew exactly what he was doing.

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