Chapter 1 Introduction to Hell

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Lucas's POV

My name is Lucas. Before you ask for the complete name, I myself don't know. I am a Werewolf. And I am going to be twenty years old. I work in the Hell well.
The DARK castle.
which is the royal castle of vampires. The head Vampire is Lord Maldare for short. He has two son, Prince William and second prince Carlos.

Lord Maldare is very less present in the castle, and he is also the member of the vampire council, which consist of Elder vampires aging hundreds or thousands of years.

Prince William,  the first son is active in charge of Dark castle, along with his wife Lisa. He is very ruthless and strongest among the vampire community.

Even the elder vampires fear him along with the Werewolves, he loathe my kind the most, the werewolves.

The next comes second prince Carlos, He is even worst, Rude, scary even prince William can't say something to him, well he is the youngest and given much importance, he is only going to be twenty. He haven't found his mate yet, He has the worst attitude, you would better say nothing in front of him, if he is mad, that is the last day of your life. And I literally mean it.

Well I can't say the same things about his appearance, well He is a prince of this country, and a vampire prince at that, so he is damn gorgeous and handsome. If there is any definition of yours about a man, a real drop down gorgeous man. He will put that image of yours to shame.
I haven't seen him many times though, no body dares to look at him.
And I am only a slave who maintain his room along with two more slaves, he would not even know of my presence, A nobody.

WE are quite missing another person, that is the princess Lilian, who is elder to prince Carlos, she does not live here, she is mated to a prince of another country, I haven't seen her in my five years of slavery here, I only heard she is a nice person out of these ruthless, scary royals, and a beauty too, which comes along with the fact that she is a royal and a vampire.

But whatever right now the castle is upside down due to the fact that, prince Carlos' birthday is around the corner, everything has to be just perfect.

Many professional are called for this job and all other royals from other countries will be coming, I am just doing my work as a helper.

Well About me, I don't really remember much, I was caught in a war when I was 12, and I only have the memories of the past seven years of my misery in the hands of vampires. My family, um.. I just don't remember anything at all about this word, family. When I was probably nine, I was kidnapped by some pack of werewolves. Which kept me locked up most of the time leaving me unaware of the real world.
I have no recollection of before that time.

Then after being imprison for two years, I thought I was finally released when the fight between the werewolves and Vampires started, and I was caught and sold along with other wolves and now I work here in this castle, where there is no way out of here. I still remember the pain, when I was caught running away from here.  The vampires are ruthless bastards, They know how to toy with someone's body. They have different powers, which are incomparable by any creature.

These vicious, pale skinned, blood sucking monsters.
At first I was used as a food container by them too. Then promoted to a slave in the castle.

After going through, all THIS in my entire life, I hope for nothing, What could I hope for? Still I am turning twenty, but how will I ever find my mate, living here, there are many wolf slaves here. Might seems like a chance.

But its probably a funny chance of finding my soul mate here in hell.

All werewolves living here are probably drained of any hopes for their mates, some might had their mates in thier previous lives but now there is no way they will ever have the chance to meet them again.

Of course this is why it is called Hell, no hopes. No turning back.
Still as of me,
I would do any thing to get out of here. Of course I can't lose my hope yet, I can't become a robot, a living dead creature. I am a free creature of nature, I have grown much weak, since I can't even get to see moon in open air and sky, My wolf has not seen the outside world for many long.
But that can't put a strain on my free soul.

I have been behaving good, that's why I am in a good post at this castle, but soon I have to get out of here. That's my plan.
Any wolf who shows resistance in submitting, they are chained around their necks too so they can't change in there wolf forms, I am more free, I haven't been punished once for two year, that a good record. The best way to stay this way is to be silent and keep your head down, never make eye contact with anyone.
Particularly any Vampire.

Well I am not so alone as you might be thinking I am, I do have friends with me.

Shelly, who is a wolf too, she is very kind, And I will probably only miss her If I will ever be able to get out of here, She works with the slaves who maintain kitchen.

Ben, A werewolf, works with me, Well he is my roommate and a very good natured pal, he was captured along with me, He was the only member that was kind to me of that pack who kidnapped me before these vampire.

We might flee together one day.

I guess that probably should end the tale of my life, too short.

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