Episode 3

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It was a calm day, I sat on the hospital bed and read books on Wattpad by some of my favourite authors.

The books took my mind into a different journey altogether. Time passed and before I knew it was already midday.

The doctor came and he asked me how I am and if I could remember anything.

My answer as you can guess was always negative. It was the daily routine for me.

Sometimes, some of my friends came to greet and check upon me. And my brother also came to see me. But most of my family were not present. They were in London, where my family's original residence is.

So they contacted me and asked me about my health and were waiting expectantly for my return.

It felt warming to hear their voice. The lonely feeling inside me subsided.
Days passed and only three days are left for two weeks completion, before I get discharged.

I started playing games on my tablet. When suddenly, the doorknob of my room turned and someone entered inside.

"Amanda?" A soothing and gentle voice called me.

I took a view of him. He is a handsome lad with a chiseled face. He has long black hair, his eyes are bright green and he is an athletic looking guy with a tall height.

He looked at me waiting for a reply.

"Yes? Who are you?" I asked.

"You don't remember me?"

"No. I don't."

"We used to love each other! I'm your boyfriend."

It was a shock for me. What would you do if a stranger who had a past with you come running and say that he/she were in a relationship with you when you don't have any memory?

I tried to recall him and as I did my pain started to come back again. "Aah! My head!" I shouted.

"Amanda! What's happening?" He panicked.

Soon, the doctor came and I drifted into unconscious.


I woke up and saw an oxygen mask on my mouth. A machine was beeping beside me, which monitored my pulse and heart beat. There were nurses around and it took me a while to recognize the I.C.U (Intensive Care Unit).

My head's pain is gone but deep down I knew that I will have to wait here for another long week.

The nurses soon informed the doctor and he came inside. "Amanda are you okay now?"

"Yes, doc. I'm fine." I smiled stupidly.

"Well, I guess you are questioning why you're here again?"

"I think I know somewhat." I replied bored with the questioning.

"Really that's an improvement! Your dad was getting anxious. But both of you don't need to worry. You had a small internal bleeding. But now everything is fine and clear."

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