Chapter 144: Beat the Clock

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"Gabby taking advantage well Paige was talking to the ref," Cole said.

"Brilliant," JBL said.

"Their you go, Gabby!" Summer cheered.

I raced over to Paige and grabbed her right leg and went right to elbowing her knee. I yanked her into the corner and slammed her knee into the steel post.

"Gabby is aiming for the right knee of Paige now," Summer said, "That's brilliant strategy."

"So you guys are all of a sudden buddies, now?" Cole asked.

"Yeah, why not?" Summer asked.

"They're best friends," JBL said.

I set Paige up into a Boston crab, continuing to aim for her knee.

"Wait, just a second," Cole said, "I thought Seth Rollins was Gabby's best friend."

"You can have more then one best friend, Cole," JBL said.

"I doubt Gabby actually likes either of you," AJ told Summer.

In the ring, Paige had been able to kick me away and was now hitting some clotheslines on me, before slamming me in the face with a kick.

I grabbed the ropes and rolled myself out of the ring, right next to the announce table.

Paige didn't let me catch a breather as she baseball slid into me, causing me to land face first into the ground.


We had gone back and forth for the past ten minutes and now Paige was starting to gain momentum again.

Paige ran over to and grabbed my foot, trying to get me up for the PTO, but I kicked her down before standing up and starting to spin her into my own submission move.

"Figure four!" Cole yelled as I locked it in.

The crowd started going crazy as they were half in half as to whether they wanted Paige to get out of it or not.

"Tap, Paige!" Summer screamed as she was at the edge of her seat.

Paige started trying to drag herself to the outside of the ring, but I unlocked it and yanked her back before putting it on again.

"Paige is going to have to tap here!" Cole yelled as Paige yelled in pain.

"Give up, Paige!" I yelled in her face.

Paige started trying to struggle and completely caught me by surprise when she turned it around.

"Yes!" Jerry yelled, "Paige reversed it!"

Luckily, I was close to the ropes so I grabbed onto them and Paige was forced to let go.

Paige limped over to me, but I grabbed her shorts and through her out of the ring.

I got up and ran over to bounce off the ropes before I flew to the outside, taking her out with a suicide dive.

I grabbed Paige right away and threw her in the ring before I got in the corner, watching her with narrowed eyes.

Paige got on her hands and knees and I ran forward going for a curb stomp, but Paige got out of the way as I bounced off the opposite ropes.

I ducked past a kick that came flying my way before I grabbed Paige's arms from behind and got her up before throwing her face first forward before she could even react.

I rolled into the pin and got the three count.

"Yes!" Summer exclaimed as she took her headset off and ran in the ring.

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