Watching The Stars (Johnnyboy)

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•I changed the book a bit. Instead it's gonna be ships of most of the characters•

Third POV

Johnny was sitting in the lot by himself. He was starting a fire when he heard a few leaves crunch behind him. He turned around fast, half expecting it to be a soc. To Johnny's surprise, it was Ponyboy.

"Hey Johnny, Haven't seen ya all day. Where have you been?" Johnny looked back at the half stared fire.

"I was at my house for a bit. Parents were gone, so I had some time to kill. They just got home though, so I headed out here." He shivered a bit, the cool autumn air getting to him. His Jean jacket wasn't enough to keep him warm this time of year.

Ponyboy took notice of Johnny's shivering frame. He walked over to him and sat down on the torn-up car seat. "Here man, take my jacket. You're gonna catch a cold comin out here only wearing that." Johnny shook his head, "I'm fine, really. I was just about to start a fire anyways. Don't worry about it, Pony." Ponyboy didn't care, he wrapped his jacket around Johnny anyways. Johnny rolled his eyes and laughed softly to himself. Man, Pony really does care about me huh? He shook his head slightly.

"Ay Johnny, look at the stars. Aren't they neat? Look at the way they shine." Johnny looked up and then back at Ponyboy's face. He hadn't looked away from the stars yet. "Mhm" Johnny hummed looking back up at the stars. He leaned into Ponyboy's side a bit resting his head on his shoulder. Pony then rested his head on top on Johnny's.

Johnny looked up at him and gave him a half smile. Ponyboy smiled back, then looked down at the fire that was started.



"W-well, you see. I have a crush, Johnny."

"Well, who's the lucky girl?"

Yeah, girl. Ponyboy thought. "Um Johnny, it's not a girl." Johnny looked up at him, a little confused, but glad that it wasn't. That ment he had a chance, right?

"Alright Pony, who's the guy then?"

"Johnny, it's you. Wow this is stupid I'm sorry. I really didn't mean to make things weird. Look I get it, I'll go. He started to get up, before being pulled back down into a kiss.

His lips brushed against Johnny's softly. He smiled and closed his eyes. He kissed back a little harder. He was so happy that Johnny hadn't lashed out. This was the last thing he had expected from the shy dark- haired boy.

Johnny then pulled away. Looking at Ponyboy for a few seconds, before pulling him closer to him to cuddle.



"Would you be my boyfriend?"

"Sure thing Johnnycakes" he smiled to himself cuddling closer to Johnny.

Ponyboy pointed up at the sky, "see that one there, That's the Big Dipper. And if you look over here a bit," he moved his hand towards a smaller version of the constellation, "that's the Little Dipper." Johnny nodded his head slowly and yawned.

"Tired Johnny?"

"Mhmm, just a bit. Don't worry about though Pone." Ponyboy nodded and rested his arm around Johnny's shoulders. They both drifted off to sleep.


•uh yeah, I don't know how that was. It's short, but at least it's something. I kinda forgot about all my books I was working on ahaha. I will be trying to post more though. I'm on Christmas break and I have a lot more time. So just keep that in mind. Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed this!•

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