Chapter 43

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        ‘Maxwell Thompson,’ that was his name. The boy who catched me the other day. He didn’t say much about himself, or how he knew my name. It was truly strange, but he said that we will meet again at a better time. ‘But just when is that time?’

        “Julie!” I hear Lori yell from downstairs.

        “I’m coming!” I yell back. I take one last glance at myself in the mirror. I look nice… Of course I would, this was prom.

        Prom at our school is different. Since it’s a private school, there’s less students enrolled. Meaning that all students are invited to attend if they haven’t gotten into serious problems and are passing all of their classes. The prom does only focus on the seniors, especially on the Prom King and Queen. Next to them, Princess and Prince.

        Apparently, there’s another weird tradition of the Messerli family. They have all been Kings in the past proms. I saw photos from their old days in high school. Theo and Neil look almost the same, while Milo and Trevor changed drastically. The triplets all won for their year at the same time. Matt and Liam had won in the past, too. Next in line is either Trace or Jake. Then Nicky, and then the twins.

        I got nominated for Princess, but it’s more likely for the tiara to go to Mina. I don’t mind. I really don’t like the whole prom royalty thing. It can make others feel bad, and girls get vicious for that crown. Therefore, I didn’t campaign or anything. I don’t want a tiara. It would make me feel like I’m pushing other girls down.

        I fix my light pink dress a bit, and make sure my hair is in place. I make sure my makeup is perfect, and that it hasn’t smudged at all. I then go out the door, but quickly come back because I forgot my heels. I quickly put them on, and walk downstairs. I find Trace, Jake, Mina, and Lori already ready to go. They are taking pictures while they are waiting for me.

        “I’m ready!” I yell from the top of the stairs. I slowly walk downstairs, hoping that I wouldn’t fall down.

        “Wow,” I hear a few of them say.

        “Seems like our little girl grew up,” Neil says, smiling at me. “Don’t you think, Theo?”

        “Of course,” Theo says, looking at me and taking a picture.

        “I thought we were all going together?” I ask, noticing Liam gone.

        “Liam had to go pick up his date,” Lori answers. Liam had to get a date. What’s a king without his queen? I have to admit that I am a little bit jealous. But I'll get over it.

        "Trace, give her the corsage," Milo whispers. Trace hands me a box, but doesn't say anything.

        "Trace, put it on her," Trevor smacks his hand on his face.

        "Oh, um... Okay," Trace shyly opens the box. He ties the corsage around my wrist, and then I make a noise. He tightened it too much. "Oh! I'm sorry!"

        I giggle, and smile. "It's okay."

        "Let's go before you kill the girl," Lori says pulling me outside. We didn't want to rent a limo because it isn't our final prom.

        "Okay, kids," Neil says, "have fun."

        "Not too much fun," Theo adds.

        "We won't," the triplets say, getting into the car. They were chosen to chaperone the event. Well, Troy was to cover it, but the other two wanted to also. Troy didn't want to be stuck with teenagers all night, so he let them volunteer, too.

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