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What are the odds of my number being called? I mean really. Out of 5000 entries, they are only choosing 157 women.

Amber watched the TV while nervously chewing her finger nails. The officials were setting up the stage. Soon she would be able to relax, knowing once again she was passed up. She was use to rejection, this was nothing new.

9 years ago, Earth was contacted by a dying race. They had tried everything. Earth was their saving grace. Sent to them by the fates to help them repopulate their planet and keep their species alive. Granted they would be hybrids, but a dying people cannot be too picky.

From what Amber read on the entry forms, the women on their planet started only bearing boys. Well anyone with a brain knows the only way to repopulate, is with a uterus. They failed at trying to craft one in the labs, they knew of 100s of different species of aliens and none compatible with theirs.

Until they found Earth. In 1977 Earth sent out a Golden Record. For 200 years, space remained silent.

Amber could only imagine the panic that hit whoever was in charge of listen for a message, when the Reptilians finally replied.

She was starting to get hot. Butterflies swarmed her stomach. Turning the TV up, Amber chucked nervously.

The President stepped up to the podium. He cleared his throat.

This was a big moment for everyone and every species. 

The microphone echoed when he issued his greeting. He paused and waited for the technician to fix it.

"I have thought about this day for the past three years. We, as a nation have been at peace for many years. We have helped countless people on our planet and now we have an opportunity to help a species of an entirely different world."

"Each woman who has placed her name in the drawing, is a hero. I wish these 157 women the best of luck. The numbers have been programmed into this machine and it will randomly generate a number. And we begin..."


Amber gasped. 497 - she was called.

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