Chapter 10

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[I'm not a tennis player, I just enjoyed the drama and wanted to write this, so, many stuff might be very wrong!]

"Let's go." Lu Jia's hair hits her face softly at the way her head turns in a fast manner in her captain's direction

"Aren't we waiting for Lu Xia?/What about my brother?" The two women present ask at the same time

"I've already informed the committee. We'll switch the third singles match."

"You've really put a lot of effort into this kid."

"If he doesn't show up soon, he can forget about the next matches."

"It's not just about his tardiness." Siyang looks at the coach, Lu Jia texting her brother to hurry up "In your last match with Lu Xia, your arm injury..."

"Coach, Lu Xia is here!" Lu Jia lets out a sigh of relief as her brother gets closer "When we get back to school, be prepared to run forty laps!"

"As a main player, you have to know your responsibilities."

"I arrived before the match, haven't I?" Lu Jia almost hits her twin but stops herself

"For this match, you're benched."

"But I've already done my warm-ups!" The coach sighs as she goes after Siyang

"There's still next time." Qiao Chen says before walking away, the twins following him


Lu Jia relaxes against the bench watching as the captain walks to the court. She snickers seeing at how nervous the other player is.

"If you hadn't helped someone and come late, such a match wouldn't have happened." Jiale says hugging Lu Xia's shoulders

"You do that next time." Lu Xia says taking Jiale's arm off his shoulders

"Why? Don't you want to see him play? I can't talk to you." Lu Jia smiles before looking at the crowd seeing Jingwu, she smiles at him trying not to be obvious

After a few more moments, Yu Qing is winning "Let's show them what our captain is capable of!"

"This is just the tip of the iceberg."

"Right. The three serves were just a warm-up. After all, to Siyang, not many opponents deserve his all."

"End of match. The winner is Yu Qing's Mu Siyang. Match score, 6-0." Everyone start cheering, Lu Jia gets up before leaving the rest of the team to celebrate telling her coach it was a girl problem


"Why did Siyang play the match?" Lu Jia yawns before shrugging at Jingwu's question

"Why should I tell you?"

"Are you going to be like that now?" He asks walking closer to her, the girl looking at him with an arched eyebrow still leaning on the wall

"Like what?" She asks smirking

"You really know how to test my patience, huh?" She snorts "You really are annoying some times." The sun is suddenly being blocked from her vision, her cheek becoming slightly red as she is pulled forward by her waist

"What-what are you doing?" She stutters before looking down

"Where did your confidence go?" He asks placing his free hand under her chin lifting it carefully making her look him in the eyes "Why aren't you talking back anymore darling?" She continues frozen as her cheeks become an even darker shade of red at the nickname

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