Chapter 7

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[I'm not a tennis player, I just enjoyed the drama and wanted to write this, so, many stuff might be very wrong!]

"Is that a Twist serve?" Dayong asks, Lu Jia nodding, her arms crossed as she relaxed against the bench

The girl was just nervous thinking her brother hasn't noticed yet that his opponent was playing with him.

"What's going on?"

"Lu Xia's movement seems a little weird."

"And I feel like he still doesn't know why." She says frowning

"Tell us, why."

"His arm is becoming temporarily paralyzed."


"He has been dealing with the continuous Top and Down spins. It's causing muscle contraction, so he became temporarily paralyzed." She explains "It usually doesn't last long, but..." She sighs

"He is trying to hit the ball using his body." She gets up seeing the racket being let go and breaking before hitting her brother's face "Lu Xia!" She tries to go to her brother along with the team but

"Don't enter the court." Lu Jia ignores him and goes to him anyways, Ying right next to her in a moment

"Are you okay?" The girls ask at the same time, Lu Jia touching thr cheek from the good eye, the paramedic finally comes closer as they help him go sit down

"You idiot." Lu Jia says holding his hand while Ying helped clean the wound, the boy squeezing his sister's hand as if trying to tell her he was alright

"Doctor. How is he now?" Siyang asks

"No eye damage. There's a deep cut on his eyelid."

"You can't go on playing." Dayong says

"Bring my spare racket."


"What? No! Have you gone crazy Lu Xia?!" His sister asks getting up before Qiao Chen can grab the racket "You just got hurt! If it was some slight dizziness, I would maybe let you go. But you were bleeding!" She almost screams at him

"Don't force yourself. You're at a disadvantage." Xinglong says

"You still want to play?"

"I know you'll regret it if you give up now. But right now, you have to listen to others, especially your sister." Jiale says

"I'm okay." Lu Jia scoffs

"Okay? We just stopped the bleeding temporarily. I think you should go to the hospital."

"I can continue playing."

"Lu Xia, forget about the stupid competition you have with dad." The girl says holding onto her brother's shoulders, the boy looking up at her "You might get worse. We still have another game or two, don't do it." The boy gets up

"Lu Xia. You only have ten minutes." Siyang says, the twins looking at him right away

"What? Siyang, you can't be serious!" She says shocked, was no one thinking clearly?

"If the game doesn't end in ten minutes, you have to give it up. Understand?"

"Fine." Lu Xia walks to the court, Lu Jia tries to stop him but Zhuo Zhi holds her hand stopping her

"Lu Jia, calm down. Just ten minutes, okay? He won't get hurt." He says, the girl shakes her arm making him let go before walking away, the boys watching as she disappears out of their sight

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