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*Clears throat* I meant, the feast is about to start.

Also, for this chapter, I decided to do pov of some of the other constellations, because why not? so yeaaa, Imma be doing two people from each house. (Yes, it's a long ass chapter.)


Lacerta pov

By the time Taur and I were finished with our potions work, that was due tomorrow, it was almost seven. We quickly ran back to the common room, just to find the others waiting for us there.

"Took you long enough." Antlia grumbled.

"You did just leave without telling us." shot back Taurus.

"Guys, we don't have time for this, just put your books down and let's go." Andromeda broke them apart. I quickly ran down to tunnel to my dorm, plopped the books on my bed, and ran back to the others. Taurus came out of a tunnel not to long after me, and we were offfffff.

Fornax pov

Some of the kids in our year got detention for being a nuisance. Ha, idiots. Me and Virg were just lounging around doing nothing. Highly unproductive, if you ask me, but oddly satisfying too.

"So, what do you think this feast is all about?" I asked, breaking the silence.

"Hmmm it's probably not all that great. I mean every meal is basically a feast over here, it's probably like any other. Just has a fancy name."

"Probably? But the other years seem to make a big deal out of it."

"They're probably messing with us."

"That is a possibility." After that we kind of just sat there in silence till it was time to go go go.

Aquila pov

Libs, Cancer, the corona twins and me were listening to Leo go on and on about everything she had heard about the feast.

"Where do you think she got this?" I quietly asked Libs.

"Dunno, but it sounds like a whole lot of bull to me." came her reply.

"It does, doesn't it?" I mean, there probably won't be actual zombies and stuff there.

"Yup, totally."

"And I heard that the deserts are-" This immediately got Cancer's attention.

"Food." He said. I sighed and got up.

"Let's go, Libs and me have some homework to catch up on." I grabbed her arm and dragged her to our dorm, where we did not do homework. Instead, we told each other stories till it was time to depart. I admit, I was kinda curious about the feast.

Carina pov

Feast this, feast that, feast my foot. Damn this is irritating. It's just food, it's not like everyone's gonna die or something. Seriously, calm the fuck down. Cappy, Cass and Ceph were fine, But the others....

"Ara, get off the table." scolded Ceph.

"Scorpio, stop trying to dunk water on Aries. And no, it's not seven yet." Cappy said, in a tired-and-not-gonna-take-no-more-shit voice.

"Guys, shut up." said Cass, who had forgotten to do her charms homework. But did they listen? NoOoOoOo.

"Is it seven yet?"

"Is it feast-feast-time?"

"Hah, impatient brats." Luckily, seven wasn't that far away, and soon I could finally eat and then get my much deserved sleep.

Part two (Yea, this chap has two parts)

Antlia pov

Thanks to Taurus and Lacerta not doing their fucking homework on time, and Meda making me wait for them, I was late to the feast. Yay.

Meda (thats what she calls Andromeda, in case you were confused) practically dragged me to the great hall behind the others. I held in the urge to scream in everyone's face and queitly took my seat next to the others when we reached.

"This is the feast??! It's a bunch of deserts, nothing else." I grumbled, looking at the dishes in front of me.

"But, Antlia, It's a bunch of deserts." said Aqua, Sagi and Taur were already busy stuffing their faces. Uncultured swines. I rolled my eyes at them, and watched as Andromeda put some of the food onto my plate. And then I just pushed it around till it was time to go. Not my fault I ain't got a sweet tooth.

Everyone was so cheerful, which just pissed me off more. Can't they just shut up? And let me just exist in peace? All I wanted was to go sleep, but noooo I have to wait for these idiots I call friends. Hmph.

Hydra pov

We got detention, but worth it. At least that was what I thought at first. By the time there were only ten minutes left, I was so fucking tired. But, finally, it ended, and I used the half an hour before the feast to take a quick nap. And then, we were off.

We, me, Gem, Pisces, Caelum and Volans, sat at the table with the other two first years and Delphine, waiting for the food to appear. As soon as the food showed up, I attacked it happily. Oh, I had a major sweet tooth, and the whole feast was basically paradise for me. I barely paid attention to the conversation the other were having, happily stuffing my face with anything I could get my hands on.

"Hydra and Pisces, chew your food properly." Delphine scolded.

"Mmmhmmmm." I replied, stuffing more food in my face.

"Yeaaaa..." said Pisces, actually making an effort to eat more slowly. Gem seemed to be lost in her own world, Volans and Caelum were discussing something, and the other two boys were whispering about God knows what. I quickly shifted my focus back to my food, because duh.

Australis (one of the corona twins lol) pov

The feast was nothing like what Leo had heard. Nothing like it. For one, there were no zombies and monsters. None. Two, the tables were not covered in real spider webs that stuck to your skin. And the food wasn't scary looking, it was just deserts upon deserts upon deserts. Not that I can hear anyone complaining.

We took our seats, me and bore (Borealis) sitting together like usual. He, obviously, started stuffing his face almost immediately. I saw Cancer do the same, with Libra and Aquila looking at them both, disgusted. Leo seemed a bit pissed that the feast wasn't the way she imagined, but the food seemed to make her happier.

I focused on the food in front of me, drowning out the conversation going on around me. Before long, feast time was over, and we were led back to our dorms by a few fifth years.

Cepheus pov

Finally, the feast came around and the three idiots stopped bothering us, instead attacking their food.

"Chew your food properly bro." I said to Ara, who was practically swallowing the deserts whole.

"But it's so go-"

"Don't talk with a full mouth." scolded Cappy.

"Loosen up." Scorpio said, with his mouth full. Cappy ignored him.

"Gosh, slow down, you'll choke." she continued scolding them. That's when Aries actually started choking on her food. I sighed and handed her a glass of water while Cappy repeatedly hit her back, going on and on about how she told her so.

I shifted my attention to the other two girls, who were giggling about something or the other. I shrugged and focused back on Ara, who was still not chewing his food properly. And that's how the rest of the feast passed, with me and Cappy repeatedly trying to make the other three slow down, and them practically ignoring us.


Sorry I haven't updated in a week, I won't be updating daily anymore for a while, since Imma focus on my fanfic for now. I will, however, update this book, don't worry I'm not gonna abandon it lol. It just won't be as frequent.

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