WEBYS - Chapter One

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Hey guys! So this took me a while :P Sorry about that. The rest shouldn't be all too dificult to write to be honest - I'm just trying not to abandon my other stories whilst working on it! None of these chapters will be extremely long (it's a short story) and there should only be about nine chapters over all (hopefully) 

So yeah - PLEASE ENJOY::

::With Every Breath You Stole::

Chapter One:

- Three Years Later -

Pain rocketed through Autumn’s left hand, making her suck in a sharp breath, and drop her curling iron with a short curse as tears built in her eyes.

Her curling iron landed thankfully on the heatproof mat she’d been using, and Autumn used her elbow to knock it more firmly in place when it teetered off the edge threatening to fall.

Clutching onto her left hand, Autumn clenched her jaw tightly.

Typical the one time she tried sorting her hair nicely this happened!

She knew she’d strained her hand too hard. Held it stiffly in one position too long. And damn if it wasn’t painful.

Wrenching herself from her seat she kicked the leg of the dressing table. The mirror attached wobbled – almost as if it was laughing at her. Mocking her attempts to look nice for a change.

A deep scowl crossed her face, and she glared heartily at the mirror.

She’d found a new aversion for them over the past three years. Mirrors were the worst kind of bullies. Whilst everyone else politely lied to her, mirrors always spat out the harsh truth.

Whilst everyone else in the world averted their eyes from her scars, her reflection always broadcasted them in all their ugliness – forcing her to remember everything she tried daily to forget.

For months she had refused to even look at one.

A knocking on her door wrenched Autumn from her thoughts.

“Autumn?” Lucy called from the other side of the door, knocking again before Autumn had much of a chance to respond – her impatience asking the one question her best friend had learnt not to ask aloud: Are you okay?

“Come in.” Autumn called her, dropping her grip on her hand. The pain had lessened into more of a twinge now but it still burned in protest as she tried to straighten it out, testing its boundaries for today.

“Hey.” Lucy greeted as she opened the door, calling Autumn’s attention away from her own hand.

Lucy was stood cautiously in the doorway, her eyes scanning gently over the room, landing briefly on the abandoned curling iron, then Autumn’s hair, before focusing properly on Autumn.

Autumn grimaced at the understanding that lit up her friend’s eyes. “Hey.”

Lucy gave her a small smile as she ventured further into the room. “Your hair’s nice.” She said.

Autumn gave her a withering look.

“I’m not lying - I’ve always liked your hair curly.” Lucy continued quickly. “You know that.” And she wasn’t lying. Autumn did know that much. “Come on, I’ll help you with the last few bits.” She offered.

Autumn’s shoulders sagged a little, and she nodded her head. “Thanks.” She said in a slightly croaky voice, feeling grateful for the help yet useless that she couldn’t just do it herself.

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