He nodded in approval, "sure we will, Dana. Go now and rest, you've been through hell," he commented.

I couldn't agree more. The labor was a torture! I don't think i would be pregnant for the next five years.

"Hell is the right term, Cy," i said then yawned.

"Go to sleep now," he commanded.

I tucked myself inside the comforter Andy brought for me, "yeah, i think i would. How about you? Tulog ka na, you've been waiting for like hours."

"That's the least i could do," he said with that sad look on his face.

"Hey, don't be sad, Cy. I totally understand your situation.."

"But still--"

"No buts, no still. She needs you and i'm fine by myself here. Andy's with me. Don't sweat," i said.

He sighed, "yeah, of course. Andy's there. Say hi to him for me. Sige, good night, Dana."

I yawned again, "good morning, Cyriel."

And with that, i dozed off.


Ynna's Point of View

"Who were you talking to?" i said while still lying on my death bed. The medicine the doctor gave me is kicking in my system, and so i feel weak and limp.

He sat on the side of my bed, "Dana. She just gave birth."

I smiled, "just when i thought she would die while giving birth," i sarcastically said.

Cyriel didn't comment on what i said. I would take it as if he's used to me speaking that way about Dana. It's just how it is, we will never be friends.

"So, is it a bouncing baby boy or an adorable baby girl?"

He smiled, probably thinking about his baby, "the latter. She's really cute."

I held his hand and pressed it, "bet she is, she's your daughter afterall."

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