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Your POV:

I fell out of my deep slumber by hearing something crash downstairs

'What was that...?'

I sat up and didn't see Killua

'Perhaps he's downstairs'

I sluggishly got out of bed and walked downstairs

Then I saw killua and the floor

"Killua! Are you okay?!" I said running to him

"Yeah, I'm good I just fell"

I pouted

"Stop hurting yourself!"

He chuckled

"Okay okay, no need to worry idiot"

I sighed and stood up

"Come on! Let's get ready to see Aki and gon today!" I smiled

"Yep, lets go"

We both then walked upstairs and started getting ready, I walked in the bathroom to get changed

"You ready?" I heard Killua say

"Yep, give me a minute"

I then walked out of the bathroom wearing casual clothes

"You ready?" I said

"Yeah, lets go"

I smiled

We then walked out of the house and Locked the door

"Eeek! I'm so excited!"

Killua looked at me with a weird face

"Why are you so hyped up though?"

I have him a 'seriously' face


"It's because I haven't seen her in like 60 year-"

My voice got cut off by a very familiar voice


I looked in the direction and saw Aki waving

"Let's go!"

I grabbed Killuas hand and started running

"AKI!" I yelled

Then I felt a strong weight on top of me, Aki had just tackled me to the floor

"I MISSED YOU!" She yelled
We laid like that for a while

Killuas POV:

I saw the two girl reunite, it was honestly adorable seeing (y/n) so happy

"Hey Killua" gon said

My gaze shifted to gon

"Hey man, it's been a while"

"I know! It seems like the girls are having fun huh" he said, looking at Aki and (y/n) still on the floor

"Indeed, (y/n) wa Avery happy to see you both"

Gon smiled

"So was aki"

A shift of movement cut our conversation short when we saw Aki and (y/n) stand up

"Let's get started!" Aki said pointing at yeh festival gates

"Come on Aki!" (Y/n) yelled

Then the two girls ran off

"Cute" gon and I said at the same time

Your POV:

Then we went on all sorts of rides and ate food, it was so much fun catching up with them

"Guys I'm hungry!"

"Then let's go eat okay?" I said

W ethen walked to a nearby restaurant and sat down

"Hey so I was wondering..." Aki said

We all looked at each other

"What if we all went a college together?"

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