The reply.

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Tears blind me as I wait for their reply. All I need is to know is that you are there. Whether you love me, Whether you not. I need to know is you are there, please.
I stumble down in strong emotions and find myself sitting in the centre of a dark, lonely room. Why have I done this? I look again for a reply. Nothing. Tears that could fill a fountain flood down my face onto the floor. Is this love? I type again. They read it, nothing. Why did I do this? Why have I brought myself pain? I knew this wouldn't work out so why did I put myself through the torture of love. Finally I see them typing. They stop. I realise now that I have brought them pain also. Why, why, why have I destroyed my life? The reply finally comes back,
Are you kidding me? Is this some form of joke you find funny? I took a risk by saying this and you reply with ok?
Then it struck me, they don't care.
What do I do now? I have basically destroyed everything. As they have told me,
"In the end we only regret the chances we didn't take".
Maybe this was a risk that didn't work out. I crawl back to my feet and get a glass of water. Tears finally stopped, I come back to find another message. What does it mean?
"Ill still be 'that' friend"
What do you mean 'that' friend? Am I going to be treated differently now?
"I won't change for you"
I never wanted you to change? Why did I do this? Why did I have to go and ruin everything? I send a message back. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Why do they take so long to reply? What seemed like hours of loneliness was only a matter of minutes. Still no reply. What can I do now? I replied with the only thing I could, the only thing that could make things go back to the way they were,
"I was only joking".

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