Day 10: Act Like A Slut, Get Concert Tickets

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                                                        Who am I darling to you?


Start Destination: Munich, Germany

End Destination: Oberhausen, Germany

Via: Some random services


10:23AM (GMT) / 11:23AM (Local Time)


We have been on the road for a little over an hour when Rosie is forced to pull into a service station to fuel the car.

She acts like it is some sort of punishment and sighs deeply as she pulls off the road.

“Petrol?” Levi asks.

“Yeah,” Rosie says, “although I thought we could wander around a bit as well, we’re making good time.”

Levi does not seem particularly thrilled at this prospect but he gets out of the car none the less and does not wait long before taking off towards the service station.

We pass a large bus on our way in, which attracts strange looks from the four of us. There is some sort of fancy writing on the side of it but I do not stop to read it, it appears that I really need the toilet.

After relieving myself of the facilities, I browse in a small gift shop whilst I wait for Rosie to get us some snacks, that is I browse until I hear El next to me let out an audible gasp.

“Look,” she whispers, pointing to the opposite side of the store.

At first I cannot see what she is on about and then I notice Douglas McAdams, who has become a familiar face to us over the past week and a half.

Not only is he an up and coming pop star, but he is also Blakely’s support act, suddenly the opportunity seems much too good to pass up.

“You should go up and talk to him,” I suggest.

Elise just shakes her head before turning to me expectantly.

“I’m not good in social situations,” she says, “you should go up and talk to him.”

I protest but before I know it I am being shoved in Douglas’ direction and I nearly walk right into him.

“Hi,” I say awkwardly, “you’re Douglas McAdams right?”

As soon as I say it I realise that it was not the right thing to come out of my mouth, I should have played it cool and tried to figure out if he had plans with Blakely before sounding like a total fangirl but I have gone ahead and done it anyway and now there is nothing left to do but face the consequences.

“Yeah,” he replies casually.

He sounds like this is the sort of thing that happens to him every day and I don’t know, maybe it is.

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