Already Caught.

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I looked around the Submarine. There were boxes everywhere, and there was luckily nobody near the escape hatch to spot us. "Let's look for your Staraptor first, Ben." I said in a quiet voice so that no grunt would overhear.

Ben nodded. We quietly snuck out of our current room and searched through the rooms. All the rooms seemed to contain was crates and machinery. We crept into an empty hallway.

Just then, two grunts turned around the corner. Maybe they didn't see us, maybe they...

A grunt turned and yelled down the halls, "We need back up! Everyone, come here!"

... Shit.

Before I could so much as exchange a glance with Ben, we were surrounded by grunts and their captive Pokemon.

"It's the Rangers!" One cried out in suprise.

"Hey, you! Do you miss being a hostage already?" Another sneered.

Ben looked very nonchalant, as if we weren't surrounded by the enemy. "No, not really. I thought I'd pay you back for your hospitality." He said with a spiteful grin.

"You're all talk!" One grunt said, reaching out to grab my wrist. "You're outmatched and we're throwing you back in your little room and there'll be no partner to bail you out this time!"

I struggled against him, but I'm not that strong. Just as I thought that I could slip my small hand out of his grip, the other grunts were helping him restrain me.

Ben tried to come over and help me, but there were enough Pinchers left to keep him and me seperated. "Summer!" He yelled. "Let her go!"

"Ooh, looks like your boyfriend's trying to be a hero, huh? How noble!" The grunt that grabbed my free wrist mockingly said.

I glared at him, then turned to Ben. "Don't worry about me!" I told him. "You can perform this capture without me!"

Ben gave me a nod, though worry was plain in his eyes. He took out his Styler and started to capture the Pincher's Pokemon.

My Pokemon tried to make the Pinchers released me. Jet was blasting Pinchers away with his Water Gun, but as soon as they were knocked away, they would regain their hold on me. Yuka wanted to electrocute the Pinchers, but after Jet's Water Gun soaked everyone, including me, she was afraid that it would harm me.

Evelyn dashed at the Pincher who had been the first one to grab me and tried to headbutt him. The Pincher sneered at Evelyn and kicked her roughly to the side. Eve made a pathetic noise that broke my heart.

I yelled out for her, wanting a confirmation that she was okay. She didn't stir from her spot. I fought against the Pinchers twice as hard, trying to get to Evelyn. One of the Pinchers dug her long nails into the wound on my left wrist, peeling the wound open and worsening the pain. Great, that scab had almost healed, too.

Ben was almost done with his captures, which meant that he could help me out. Ugh, I'm pathetic. I began kicking wildly around, hoping that a hard enough kick would make the Pincher's falter their grip. I had no such luck.

"Cowards!" I yelled. "You won't even let me beat your asses in a capture! You're all nothing but-"

My Styler beeped. "Voicemail! Voicemail!" Two voices said at the same time. Was that...?

"Big Sis??" I asked. "Keith?!" I heard laughter.

"What's up, Camerupt?" Keith said. "We've just arrived in Oblivia, just like I said we would!"

The Pincher looked pointedly my Styler.

"Yup! And since we don't know where you are, we want you to meet us somewhere!" Kate said excitedly.

The grunt that had been eyeing my Styler grabbed it off of my wrist. "No! What are you doing?!" I screeched.

"We're staying at-" Kate continued, unaware of our current predicament.

My sister never got to finish before the grunt threw my Styler on the ground and crushed it under his foot. They had the audicity hurt my Pokemon and interrupt the only real interaction I've had with my sister for a month.

(A/N: I know that she hasn't been in Oblivia for a month, but I'm saying that Kate has been super busy at the Ranger Union and Summer hasn't seen her in that amount of time.)

How dare they? How dare they?!

I turned to Yuka. "Use Thunderbolt on them."

"But, Summer! You'll get hurt, too!" The high-pitched voice from the old mansion squeaked.

"I don't care! Use Thunderbolt now!" I yelled.

Yuka gave in and shocked the Pinchers and me. The pain came almost immediately and it was enough to send some of the Pinchers flying into a metal wall. The Pincher holding me captive lost his grip and dropped to the floor.

Everyone hit by the electric shock was knocked to the ground; I was no exception. I fell forward and hit my head on the floor. I rubbed my head and looked at Yuka. "Good job." I told her, though my words sounded slurry. Or was that just me? How hard did I hit my head?

The Pinchers went running in all directions, trying to get away. Ben had just finished his captures and helped me up. I picked up the big chunks of my Styler and put them in the side pocket of my bag. Then I stumbled over to where Evelyn was laying.

She put on a brave face and got to her feet. "Are you okay?" I asked her.

She nodded. I could tell that she was disappointed with herself for not being able to help me. I offered her a small smile, even though I wanted to kick the wall at how frustrated I was with myself. How could I let them overpower me like that?!

"It's not your fault, Eve." I told her. She was hardly convinced.

"It's not yours, either." He grumbled.

Ben crossed his arms and gave me a look that showed frustration and anger, but he wasn't mad with me. He was mad with himself that I had been restrained and that my Styler was broken.

"This isn't your fault, Ben." I told him, as I did Evelyn. "If I wasn't so weak and helpless, then I-"

"Don't say that. It was my job to watch you! It was my job to make sure that they didn't try stuff like this!" He said, his voice growing louder and louder. "What if they try it again and they succeed in taking you away, huh?!" He asked. "I've been seperated from you before, I don't want to go through that experience again!"

I thought about his outburst for a moment. "If I could've managed to pull away from them, I wouldn't have been so helpless."

Ben took off his Styler and handed it to me.

"What are y-"

"Just take it. You're the better capturer and I can help you if you get in trouble." He said.

I was touched that he would give me his Styler. I hugged him. "Thank you, Ben." I whispered.

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