Chapter 61: Clove

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I try to settle back to bed again. I can't go see Cato, that is until tomorrow. This time I don't dream but just lay there, feeling tired, but unable to actually sleep. Dagger snuggles into me which surprisingly helps me go to sleep.

The next morning, about 4 hours after I fell asleep, I wake up to knocking on my door. I open it, still in my PJs and Steph walks in quickly.

"Time to get ready" she says excitedly. I check the clock and it's only around 8, early much? She looks me over with  hint of caution and smiles with mock evil-ness.

"We have to start on your dress because Sabille isn't up yet. Wanna slip it on while I go get my supplies?" she asks, but I know she told me to. I nod and she gestures to my closet where she left my dress. I sigh at the soft dress and slip it on. I wait about 3 minutes and Steph comes in, now followed by Sabille who looks very tired still.

"Okay you start on her make-up, I'll adjust the dress" Steph says with her boss' voice.  I stand facing away from the mirror and they start fixing me up for my wedding. Sabille makes sure my eyes stay closed so I don't get makeup in them, but that makes it even harder to stay awake. I almost collapse twice but I'm just barely able to stay awake. They say they'll finish soon but I know that's not close to true.

I start to day-dream about being married. I'm 18 and Cato's pretty much 20. I feel so young still but with what I've been through I feel mature enough to get married. They look at me proudly and turn me to face the mirror slowly. I try to gasp but nothing comes out. I look at myself in amazement and force tears to stay inside. Sabille did my make-up very simply but I look dangerous. I smirk into my reflection and curl my lip playfully.

"Grr. I'm engaged" I say in mock anger. I laugh at myself and Sabille grabs my hands to do my nails.

"We're just gonna paint them simply because I know you don't like the fancy ones" Sabille says smiling. She starts to buff my nails and paints them over with a deep blue nail polish. I smile and she draws a little fang on each nail. She puts a quick top coat and she says to let them dry about half an hour. I check the time and it's almost 3 already. Day-dreaming makes time go by very quickly. 

"Okay next we should do you hair" Steph says as she starts to comb out my loose curls, from my braid. She turns me away from the mirror, again, and starts to play with my hair until she finds something she likes. Her deep blue eyes light up as she twists and braids my hair around. She sighs once she's done, about an hour later, and turns me into the mirror.

She did a messy braid but it still looks fancy. I hug her tightly and she groans in pain. I let her go and she checks my dress and accessories one more time. She nods and walks off.

"Coin says get there an hour early. So around 6 and avoid Cato at all cost. No matter how hard it is for you. That's what she said at least" she says as she leaves out of my room and down the hall, soon out of sight.

"Hey Dagger, ready to get married?" I ask playfully and she wags her tail furiously. I grab her leash and lead her to the Dining Hall. 

"Clove we're going to rehearse the ceremony quickly. It will be a basic ceremony but we want to make it perfect" Coin says with enthusiasm, followed but a swarm of about 15 camera-men. I nod but try to hide my irritation.

"We'll start by have you walk down the aisle. Shyll has volunteered to walk you, since you know your father-" she says but stops herself. I walk to the back of the Dining Hall, where I just came from, and Shyll joins me in a deep blue suit and shiny black shoes.

"Shall we?" he asks with a sly smile. I nod and we walk slowly as music starts to play from speakers on the ceiling. We stop on the alter, exactly like the one in my dreams, and Shyll pretends to be Cato.

"Now you guys just stand there until the sermon leader finishes up and then kiss" Coin says "You don't have to but that's the gist"  she says, faking a smile. Why is she all of a suddenly evil and mean? I have put up with too many people like this. I sigh and step off of the alter.

"Hey Clove" Cashmere says from behind me. I turn around quickly, and get momentarily blinded, and hug her until she wriggles from my grasp. She looks amazing, not just physically but her features seem lighter. She seems happier and more at peace, like she's been cured of her pure depression. Knowing her, she isn't cured but she knew it would drag us both down if she was still 'depressed'. "You ready for this?" she asks almost nervously.

"Yeah, the wedding doesn't seem that scary" I say calmly "but after, what if I'm not good enough? All I've done was by force" I say quietly. She looks away carefully and smiles down. Everyone's taller than me, it doesn't help my confidence.

"We should go eat and then I'm getting married" I say smiling wildly, trying to distract Cashmere. She nods and walk to the back of the room where there's a little table with food for all of the camera-men and workers to eat before the actual wedding.

"We're going to have a small meal before, to make it look fancier" Coin says walking up to us, still followed by the camera-men. I nod, hoping the food won't be bad or plain. 

"You look amazing, that dress is so pretty" I say, still in awe of Cashmere's dramatic change. She smiles down at her aqua dress with sequins fading upward. 

"Thanks, it was from my interviews and I lent it to Glimmer, then you know" she stops briefly like she's catching her breath. but she continues "I got it back, it just reminds me of my family" she sighs loudly and we walk around boredly.

"This is exciting!" Cashmere says randomly. I feel like someone's following us so I turn around slowly. My mom smiles and hugs me tightly.

"Are you ready for this?" she asks smiling. Cashmere creeps away out of respect but I wish she hadn't. I can tell with the look in my mom's eyes that she wants to talk, girl things. I nod nervously and she leads me to sit down on a bench in the hall-way.

"You know what I came here for?" she asks awkwardly. I shrug and she turns to face me even more. She grabs my shoulders and looks into my soul. I start to feel really awkward and she smiles.

"I know you've had a lot happen to you" she starts slowly "but I want grand-kids" she says jokingly. I blush deep red and she frowns. "Don't rush it! But I am getting old and I would like some little kids to care for. Your brothers act like they barely know me and my heart is slowly being crushed by sadness" I nod. I hope I can, I might be too broken but I'll try. That sounds weird and I blush at my own thoughts.

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