Second year, volume three - Kei SS: A s-sudden kiss?!

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This seriously can't be happening, r-right? A moment a-a-alone together with, my boyfriend, Kiyotaka! Aaaaaaaaa, mou! Keep it together, Karuizawa Kei, you can't afford to let him see you like this! Even though it felt like a dream, I couldn't just pinch myself on the cheek; atleast, not in front of Kiyotaka...

We had managed to find a suitable tree to lean our backs against. In addition to being concealed, our voices wouldn't easily leak out to our classmates. As I was composing myself, mentally—Kiyotaka began to speak.

"In regards to this special exam, you seem to be doing well."

That's right. My group which consisted of Shimazaki-kun and Fukuyama-san, who were excellent students; academically speaking, from Class 2-A, had managed to receive 37 points in three days. As things stood right now, our names were not listed at the bottom. In that sense, it is just as Kiyotaka said, since we are not at risk of giving up private points, the exam so far could be considered a success.

"I'm getting by, it's a good thing that I have help, I think this exam would be kinda impossible for me alone. More importantly, what about Kiyotaka?"

Even if we did somehow find ourselves listed at the bottom, I could afford to pay a million private points thanks to Kiyotaka, who gave me the Half-Off card. That's why I was concerned for Kiyotaka who didn't have that sort of insurance to fall back on. It didn't matter how impressive he was; at the end of the day, he was still human and he had enemies... If Kiyotaka got expel...—No, I wouldn't let that happen, in order to continue spending a fun school life with Kiyotaka—I couldn't.

"I'm doing fine, for the time being, that is."

"Well, I sorta understand, since it's you, but please be careful, ok?"

Knowing that Kiyotaka was doing well, I breathed a sigh of relief. This exam was much more demanding than I initially anticipated.

"I can't believe there are still 11 days of the exam left, it feels like it's been going on forever..."

"By the way, has there been any changes on your end, Kei?"

Changes? Could it be related to what he had discussed with me back on the cruise ship? As I tried to remember our conversation; I showed the record on my tablet to Kiyotaka, he confirmed that I had only been in contact with students from our own grade.

Although, now that I recall, Kiyotaka did mention a list of suspects that I should be wary of, one of them included Tsubasa Nanase-san from Class 1-D. She had been following Kiyotaka around for a while now so I had decided to interrogate him about it. I came closer to him, and stared directly into his eyes.

"That first grade girl, Nanase-san, was it? She's the one who's been accompanying you on the island, right?"

"You're rather quick on the uptake."

"I found out from Ike-kun, when I asked him, he told me in a matter of seconds but that doesn't matter right now."

I couldn't see my own face right now but if I had to guess, I definitely didn't look like my regular self, Kiyotaka could see that too.

"Are you worried that I'm spending time with other girls?"

"Hey, what's with that? Worried... worried..."

Of course I'd be worried, you idiot! I am your girlfriend...

"I'm just acting with Nanase so that I can clear this special exam, there's nothing between us."

"I believe you, Kiyotaka... but... when I hear that you've been spending time with another girl—I hate it.

Noticing how I was feeling, Kiyotaka tried to comfort me with his words, but they simply weren't enough. There was a pain in my heart that wouldn't go away.

After a brief moment, seconds had gone by without each of us saying a word—then...


When I heard him call my name, I tensed up involuntarily and turned my head ever so slightly to face him.


W-w-w-w-what was this!? K-kiyotaka's lips were pressed against mine!

T-t-his was a k-k-kiss, my first k-kiss!

"Kei, can you trust me?"

A-all I could do was simply nod frantically, my face was flushed bright red and steam was practically escaping from my ears.........

"If we're gone for too long, the others will become suspicious, I think it's time that we head back."

Kiyotaka lightly nudged me on the back in the direction of the camp, my mind still unable to function... how could he send me b-back like that!?

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