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"Beth, just bring your chin down a bit," Tony, the photographer asked.

"Perfect," he said as he snapped a few shots.
After about a few more shots, we were finally done.

"Beth, you were absolutely marvelous! These are going to come out beautifully."

"Aw thank you, Tony, and you were wonderful too! You're great with the camera!"

"Ms. Williams are you ready for your interview," a woman asked me. I was guessing it was a secretary.

She took me to a separate room and before I entered my manager stopped me.

"You were amazing as usual," Lydia smiled. Lydia has been my manager since I was 18 and we first met at a runway one year. Lydia talked to me after the show and told me she would like to invest in me because she saw how much potential I had. Ever since then, she's been by my side and she's also one of my closest friends.

"Thanks," I smiled and she gestured me into the room.

The woman stood up and introduced herself, "Hi I'm Anne, I'll be interviewing you today!"

"Hi, it's nice to meet you!" We settled in and she immediately began the questions.

"Beth thank you so much for coming in and doing this photo shoot for our company. How do you think it went?"

"First off, thank you for having me, you have a great crew! Second off, I think it went very well, everything went smoothly and it was also very fun!"

"That's great to hear," she smiled and proceeded to the next question. "Do you have anything else booked after this?"

"Yes I do, I have a couple more shoots and then I'm going to be in a fashion show in London after and that will be all for the year."

"London that is a whole different country, how do you feel about it?"

"At first I was really nervous because this will be the first time I'll be out of the country for modeling business," I explained. "But now I'm really excited, I can't wait to see what it's like."

"I hope it goes amazingly but I know it will," she said and I thanked her.

"Let's change the topic here and talk about your love life," she raised her eyebrows at me which made me laugh.

"You currently aren't in a relationship or seeing anyone, right?"

"That is correct."

"But I've read that John Travolta was your celebrity crush! Why is that?"

I broke out into laughter. "Have you not seen Saturday Night Fever or Grease? He's a great actor and great looking too."

"I can agree with that!" After a brief moment about talking about Travolta we moved into the final question.

"Now Beth, I have also read that you liked Duran Duran's hottest new song, Rio."

"Would you believe me if I said I listened to that and the rest of their album on the way here."

"I do because it's such a great album," she agreed. "But what I was going to ask was that if you have any relations with them?"

"No I don't." I found that question rather odd because how could I personally know one of the biggest bands of our time.

"Okay, then let's finish off with this, do you find the band attractive by any chance?"

"Is this a trick question?"

"No not at all!"

"Oh okay, well then yes, but doesn't the rest of the world think they are too. Also, I'm going to guess that you think the same?"

"I agree with you once again. But do you have a particular band member that stands out to you?"

I did but I honestly didn't know any of the band members names.

"I would say but I don't really know his name," I covered my mouth with embarrassment.

"Don't worry, here let me show you!" Anne's secretary came handed her a picture of the band and she started to point them out.

"This tall dirty blonde haired is Simon, this short dark haired is Roger, this one with the bit longer dark hair is Andy, this short blonde is Nick, and this last one is John."

So that was his name, John.

"So which one was it Beth?"

"John," I smiled to myself. "It was John."

"He is one hunk and very good with the bass."
We finished up our interview and conversation about John. Anne thanked me and we said our goodbyes. I left the studio with Lydia and while she talked about what we should have for late lunch, all I could think about what John.
We decided to eat at one of my favorite pizza parlors. While we waited for our food to be served, Lydia was talking about my next shoots but I wasn't paying attention.

"Beth, did you hear me?" The thoughts of John cleared and I gave her my attention.

"Uh yes, you were talking about the next shoot."

She nodded. "Is there something on your mind?"

"Yes, actually there is. Why did Anne, the interviewer, bring up how Rio was my favorite song?"

"She just wanted to dig up any information that wasn't released about you yet. That's why she asked if you had any relations to them."

It made more sense now.

"I found it a dumb question honestly," I confessed.

"So did I, but that's interviewers for you, they want to find anything they can to make money."

Our food came and we began to eat.

"But do you know if Duran Duran has any upcoming shows in New York or in London soon?"

"I think they do but I'll have to double check. Did you want to go?"

"Yes, I'd love to hear them live."

"Also to see the John fellow in person too," she smirked.

"Yes, that too," I laughed.

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