Chapter 12: Operation Hogs... Squeal?

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Chapter 12: Operation Hogs... Squeal?

It was another sunny morning, and in the Great Hall, students were eating their breakfast, talking and gossiping. They were all excited for the next few weeks that were to come before the Quidditch season were to open. As everyone hustled and bustled, Harry, Ron, Harley and Hemione were talking about Sirius Black. Crookshanks and Padfoot strolled in and stayed with their owners during breakfast and both didn't seem to hold their growling towards the quivering pocket of Ron which was Scabbers. Ron tried to shoo them away with no effect. Then, the owls started to wanted the Great Hall, owls, big and small, came flocking in with all different kinds of parcels and packages. One snowy white owl then came swooping down towards the Gryffindor table, it had a large package which seemed oddly shaped like a broom stick, but who would know? It was wrapped with thick parcel. It swooped gently in front of Harry and Harley. Harry helped Harley with the the package and it was a broom. A Nimbus 2000! Just like Harry's. The two looked at Professor McGonagall and then to Professor Dumbledore who both gave them a reassuring nod. "Yess! We have anoth Potter in our team!" Fred and George said in unison. "McGonagall said you're as good as your brother, keep it up. We'd need you soon," Oliver Wood winked.

Later that afternoon, they received word that the next trip to Hogsmeade. Harley knew they couldn't come but she decided to talk to Professor Dumbledore about it. As she was walking to Dumbledore's study, she saw Professor McGonagall, "Ms. Potter, what are you doing here, my dear?" she asked. "I was going to go to Professor Dumbledore's study, I want to talk to him about the trip to Hogsmeade," Harley explained. "Ah, yes. I heard your brother wasn't able to get his permit signed because of your Aunt Marge's words," McGonagall said and Harley could help but feel embarrassed. "I knew it was a mistake, it was just that she was talking about my parents and Harry," Harley seemed defensive. "It's alright, dear, it was understandable but you should really try to control yourself, the next time the Ministry would catch you doing magic in the Muggle world, well, we shouldn't consider the thought. I know you are a responsible child. Now, I know that you weren't able to get your permission slip signed because your relatives don't know that they are your relatives, but for your brother, I am sorry but if you don't have your permission slip signed, you can't go to Hogsmeade. It's probably for the best," Harley sighed. "Okay, thank you, Professor," she left back to the Dormitories.

Later that day, Harley was able to find the Weasely twins. "Hello, Harley," they greeted her in unison. "Hello," she smiled sweetly. "We know that look," they said, gasping, "Behind that sweet smile of yours, you are just gearing up with ideas, persuading us into mischief we do not want ourselves tapped into."

"Fine, you guys don't want mischief, I totally agree but I would not call it mischief if I were to help a dear family member of mine. I would merely call it a coincidental clash of rules, slash, law and being helpful and always wanting the best for others," Harley said. "Well, if you put it that way," Fred looked at George. "What do you have in mind?" George asked.

It was a Saturday morning, and Harley, Fred and George knew what they had to do. "Hogsmeade, Hogsmeade, oh wonderful, wonderful, Hogsmeade," Harley sang as she ate. "Did you talk to Professor Dumbledore about our trip?" Ron asked. "No, instead, I talked to Professor McGonagall but she said we can't she said it's for the best," Harley said. "Oh," Harry, Ron and Hermione said, dropping the topic. "But don't worry, we'll figure something out," Fred winked as they walked to the table. "Just leave it all to us," George sat. Harry looked back and forth, from the Weasely twins to his sister and seemed to think they were hiding something from him but let it drop.

When the rest of the 3rd years went to Hogsmeade, they bumped into Fred and George. "Fred, George, I thought you went to the trip," Harry said. "Well, it was a pleasure bumping into you too, Harry," George rolled his eyes. "Actually, we are going to Hogsmeade, it's just that we'll go there a different way," Fred explained. Harry looked puzzled.

"On the count of three, we drink the potion---" Fred was cut off. "But won't this be useless because of the Hogwarts' Spell?" Harry asked. "Oh dear, naive, Harry, this potion was actually found waaaaaaay before Hogwarts was made, this is also anti-spell proof so nothing could go wrong with this potion," George said. "Now, bottoms up" Fred said as he gave each one, even Padfoot, a cup of what seemed to look like hot cocoa. "One, two, three," Harley said and everyone tried to gulp down what seemed to look delicious but tasted like bitter coffee and outdated milk.  

Harley opened her eyes, preparing to see Hogsmeade before her eyes but was only able to see tons and tons of pig pens and lots and lots of pigs, every size, color and variety! "Where are we?" Harry asked. Fred sniffed the air, "Well one thing's for sure, this isn't Honeyduke's," he started walking, leading them around to inspect the strange are. "Nothing could go wrong he says," Harry started. "This potion was found waaaaaaaay before Hogwarts he said," Harley said. "Hey, hey, hey. Don't blame this all on me. Harley was the one who decided to take another route!" George said. Fred sighed, "Do I have to play the grown up to break you all up?" he suggested. Padfoot seemed to be in the same page as Fred and barked at them to shut up.

"Who are you lot?" a nasal voice asked. "Who's that?" Harley asked. No one answered so they kept on walking. "I said, who are you lot?" the nasal voice said again. "Well, I say who's there thinking he could just ask common questions?" Harley said, annoyed looking around. "Down here, lamb chop." Everyone looked down, surprised to see what they have in front of them. "You're a..."

"Yeah, yeah, shut it, I'm a pig," the nasal voice came from a pig. The pig was now raising from all fours, to standing up on his hind legs. "My name's Horgston Frogeltrionesdone, the 5th. Welcome to Hogsqueal, where everyone's dream becomes fantasy."

"Hogsqeal?" The wizards and witch asked in unison.

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