Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

I gradually helped each initiate up off the net and onto firm ground and then lead them down the narrow tunnel that leads to the pit with Lauren. I am used to the dim lighting and cold, stony atmosphere, however it is obvious that many initiates are uncomfortable with the lack of light and the eerie vibe.

Both me and Lauren stop at the same time causing some initiates to stumble from our abruptness.

Lauren begins to speak. "This is where we divide, the Dauntless-born initiates are with me. I assume you don't need a tour of the place." she says, a smile breaking through her features as she gestures for the Dauntless-born initiates to follow her.

More than half of the initiates follow Lauren. I quickly scan over the initiates that are left. There are only nine. All from Erudite and Candor, and of course, the one from abnegation... Tris.

I start the monotonous introduction yet again. "Most of the time I work in the control room, but for the next few weeks, I am your instructor," I say in a bored tone. "My name is Four."

"Four? Like the number?" One of the initiates asks. I recognize her as the second initiate to jump.

"Yes" I say. I was speaking English, right? "Is there a problem?"

She looks scared when she replies "No."

"Good. We're about to go into the Pit, which you will someday learn to love. It-" I start to say but she interrupts me for the second time. I'm starting to get annoyed with her.

"The Pit? Clever name." she snickers.

I walk right up to her face and stare at her for a long moment. "What's your name?" I finally ask, quietly but menacing at the same time.

She just manages to squeak out a small "Christina."

Now she's really scared. Good. It serves her right.

"Well, Christina, if I wanted to put up with Candor smart-mouths, I would have joined their faction," I hiss at her, trying to let her see how fed up I am with her. "The first lesson you will learn from me is to keep your mouth shut. Got that?" Maybe then I could get some enjoyment out of this training.

Her answer is just a slight nod.

I turn and start walking toward the shadow at the end of the tunnel, pleased with the silence emanating from the initiates. I do however catch Christina mumbling. "What a jerk," she says. Half my mouth pulls up into a smile. At least I made a lasting impression on her.

"I guess he doesn't like to be laughed at," I hear someone reply. I think it's Tris. It sounds like Tris. Smart girl.

I approach the double doors that lead to the Pit and push them open. I hear Christina's soft whisper as she says "Oh. I get it."

The initiates are taking in the many features and aspects of the Pit, from its uneven rock walls to its abundance of people, all wearing black and shouting or talking. I let them all stare for a few seconds longer.

"If you follow me, I'll show you the chasm." I say, preparing myself for their reactions to this particular location. I wave them forward. I lead everyone toward the right side of the pit, where some initiates are already making out the outline of the railing at the end of the "cliff". The only thing separating someone from life and a watery grave.

I continue on with my lecture. "The chasm reminds us that there is a fine line between bravery and idiocy! A daredevil jump off this edge will end your life. It has happened before and it will happen again. You've been warned." I always feel the need to remind people of the many possible outcomes to a certain situation. Maybe it's just the small bit of Abnegation that I still have in me. Or maybe I have more than just a small bit left.

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