Living Again~ Twenty-Seven

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I know I'm cheating but I just have to say this: you look beautiful today.


I blushed. Gosh, he's making this harder than it already is! I sneaked a quick glance at him and he was looking straight at me. Okay, that didn't help. He was so gorgeous, it was just unfair. I striped my eyes off of him and concentrated on the teacher again, writing down every word that escaped her mouth in order to stay distracted, that didn't stop me from hearing the soft chuckle from behind me. 

The rest of the day passed by just like this, Ethan didn't text me again but he was always glancing at me, and I guess I knew that because I was looking at him too. Don't blame us, we couldn't help it. I think even Brianna noticed because as we were leaving for lunch she nudged me playfully as she walked past. I just laughed it off.

I sat down in the cafteria with Hailey, Hannah and Luke. The sisters seemed fine with me bringing in Luke to our table because he was obviously a nice guy, and plus, I think they were drawn in by his looks and charm. He was a nice addition to our group. 

"How about you ladies sit here and I get us some drinks?" We nodded gratefully, such a gentleman. "What would you like?"

"Iced lemon tea!" Hannah and Hailey said at the same time, then looked at each other then we all began laughing.

Luke looked at me, "You want anything?"

I shook my head, holding up my water bottle, "I'm good."

He walked off, just a second later Brianna showed up out of no where with a concerned look on her face. She began speaking, "Why are you suddenly hanging out with Luke?"

I narrowed my eyes and looked past her at her table and saw that Ethan was looking this way too, I couldn't read his face. I decided to play innocent and said, "Nothing, he has no friends so I thought why not I help him out?"

Brianna rolled her eyes, "Are you serious? Out of all the people you could choose to be friends with it had to be him?"

This time, I rolled my eyes, "He's a nice guy and he's sorry for what he did to Ethan and your group, get over it."

She sighed then shrugged, "I'll just tell Ethan I tried my best." 

"Wait... Ethan sent you to talk to me?" She nodded. "Does he really hate Luke?" She nodded again. "Is he pissed?" 

"Kinda. So tell me, what exactly did Luke say to you?"

I told her quickly, before Luke shows up. She just nodded and walked away just as we saw him making his way here. I looked at Ethan and he was talking to Bri, probably about everything I said. 

Luke handed Hannah and Hailey their drinks. Then put a Nescafe can in front of me.

I said, "I didn't want anything, you didn't have to get this."

He shrugged, "You looked like you could use some caffiene."

I laughed, "Is it that obvious?"

He shrugged again with a half smile on his face, "I'm just observant."

Ethan didn't talk to me all day on Wednesday, but not in the I'm-upset-with-you way, he still smiled at me and looked towards my direction a lot, but just didn't try anything else. I need to stop overthinking things. My friendship with Luke is completely harmless since he's just misunderstood by Ethan and his friends and they're too chilidish to forgive him and get over it. 

I was walking to Art class with just Luke since Hannah and Hailey don't take art. We stepped into the class along with the other students to see that there was a big blank piece of paper and a charcoal pencil on each desk.

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