Living Again~ Twenty-Seven

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Tuesday was here. All classes with Ethan. I hadn't even seen his face yet and I was already regretting this whole one week break thing. Maybe we should have just taken a break over the weekend? I mean, the weekend is when the family gathering was. I sighed. This was EXACTLY why I needed the break. I'm obsessed with him.

I walked towards my locker which was now my usual meeting place with Hannah and Hailey.

"Hey Hannah..." I greeted her while getting my books out from my locker. "Where's your sister?"

She rolled her wide brown eyes while fiddling with her books and said, "She forgot to set her alarm again so she's probably rushing to get here before the bell."

I laughed at that then Hannah dragged me towards our first class because she hated being late, unlike her sister. They were practically opposites. Hannah was neat and smart, she wanted to become a doctor. She always had her wavy brown hair in a high ponytail bringing out her high cheekbones. Hailey was easy-going and always left things to the last minute, she wanted to be a musician. She always had her earphones hanging around her neck and she her black hair had dark blue highlights which looks awesome on her. They're so different but both likeable in their own ways, I'm so glad I fit in with them or else I would be a loner like before. I never wanted to feel that alone again, and I think that's why I feel the need to help Luke out.

We stepped into the classroom and we were the first ones there. We greeted the teacher and took our seat near the back. It was maths and the teacher was really boring. Plus, she liked to pick on students when they weren't paying attention, specially the ones sitting in front.

I listened to Hannah chat away about something she did over the summer as students slowly began showing up. Ethan would be here any moment, my heart was racing. I need to stop being so anxious. Brianna came in followed by Tyler. She waved at me cheerfully and I smiled back. I noticed them sit at the back seats with their friends. Where on earth is he?

I saw Luke enter the room and waved him over, he grinned gratefully and sat on my other side. Just seconds later Hailey came in panting just before the bell rang. I couldn't help but laugh. She was just in time. But where was he? Maybe I should ask Tyler since they're probably roommates..

Everyone settled in and the teacher stood up from her chair to begin the lesson. That's when the door swung open and there he was. His face flushed from running. He was wearing light faded jeans and a black top with a few buttons undone at the top, his hair was a mess too. A very good-looking mess. He immediately caught my eyes and I smiled shyly. Then he turned his head to the teacher who was looking at him disapprovingly. 

She inquired, "Would you like to explain yourself Mr Reed?"

He shrugged smoothly, "Not really."

She wasn't satisfied, "Do you have a late pass?"

"Uh... no." When it was obvious she wasn't letting this go, his features completely transformed as he said this in the most alluring and guilty voice, "I'm so sorry Ms Adams, it will never happen again."

She paused a moment then sighed, "Alright i'll let you off with a warning ."

Some people in the class laughed and I just shook my head in disbelief, he could be an actor. He walked gracefully past me and out of the corner of my eye and saw him sit down on the seat right behind me. Oh no.

I somehow managed to pay attention to the teacher, even though all my senses were aware the he was inches away. Suddenly, I felt my phone vibrate. I took it out, keeping it under the table so the teacher wouldn't see.

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