rant 5: hate

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HATE verb English
extreme dislike or disgust : antipathy, loathing or to have a great hate of hard work.

i love each and everyone of of you all, and the support you have all shown me for whatever stupid fic idea i come up with next is appreciated so much more than you even realise!

but for every ounce of love i'm shown, it does come with it's fair share of hate too. i mostly get this on my most popular fic, adore you.

i love that story so much as it's the first fic i wrote which i ended up feeling proud, if you get me? i know for sure that anyone who writes too has felt this.

yet the hate on that fic (that is not always directed at me) makes me want to delete it or at least unpublish it, which is something i thought i'd never say.

i completely understand if you don't like addison rae. there is absolutely nothing i can do to change that or change her past. now this might not be hate directed at me (but some of y'all sure make it look like it at times) but please don't comment anything if you don't like her. it's not my problem if you don't like her, i'm sorry.

i will not change my faceclaim for whatever reason you don't like about her, which i personally find stupid at times. she has apologised on multiple accounts for any kind of harm she did and has grown from that. yet some of y'all really won't let it go huh? because she's a young, successful girl doing what she enjoys? move on.

i am not going to try and defend her for her past. that is 100% not what i'm doing because i think it's inexcusable. but she's apologised and she's attempted to do everything right since then, what else can she do?

i genuinely don't believe that that's what you're all so pressed about because any other celeb that has done exactly what she's done you have apologised with a click of a finger.

for example, someone commented that they were going to imagine holland roden instead... a woman who famously defended her friend who has done blackface multiple times and is racist, made rape jokes and is islamophobic. yet she won't use addison rae?

or what about kendall jenner? multiple people commented that they were going to imagine her too, a woman with a list of scandals behind her. to name a few, the pepsi ad, vogue india's 10th anniversary, fyre festival, VMAs 2014 and cultural appropriation.

so yeah, maybe not judge someone when they're trying to grow when you're still supporting people who constantly make the same mistakes. addison rae has been famous for what, maybe a year? and she's still 20, she's still learning and i'd personally say she's doing a great job at doing so.

also, i've had enough of people commenting on the matter. it's my fic which i started before anything happened with her and unfortunately i was half way through when anything even happened. i personally wouldn't pick her now, but that still doesn't make it right for people to constantly comment on the matter. it's my vision, and i see addison rae as the character. but remember IT IS NOT ADDISON RAE. it's a character of my imagination.

next, you don't understand how hard i work on my graphics. i can spend ages on one, for people to only then comment and make fun of them. i'm not saying they're great, because they're not. but why comment hate on someone's hard work?

it's hurtful.

the only reason i make manips is because i enjoy making them and to add extra details for you all reading. now i'm starting to think why bother? no one likes them anyways.

please, i beg you all who are reading this, don't comment anything if you don't have anything nice to say. someone's hard work doesn't deserve to be surrounded with hate. if you don't like it or find it funny etc, keep that to yourself, there's not need to comment it.

|| my intentions with this rant was not to attack anyone. it was to explain a situation that has happened many times before. i mean no offence, but feel free to comment your opinions (whether you agree or disagree) in the comments. ||

To be Continued...
Last updated: Dec 20, 2020
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