Chapter 19

“Yes Louis.” Liam said after a few seconds of nobody volunteering.

“Let’s watch Bridesmaids!” Louis exclaimed with a bid grin stretched across his face.

“Oh my god Louis. Only you, only you.” Liam said while shaking his head slowly from side to side.

“Well since nobody has come up with a better idea… is Bridesmaids ok to watch?” Liam asked us. Everyone answered yes, and he got the movie out of the cabinet, and opened the case. As he was putting the disk into the player, everyone positioned themselves onto the furniture, or floor.

“Wait, can we call our parents to see if we can stay?” Emily asked.

“Yeah, sure. One of you can use the home-phone. The other can use your own cellphone.” Niall said from his sea on the couch.

“Where is the home phone?” Emily asked.

“Um… well one is in the kitchen. The others… uh… we may have lost.” Niall said with a sheepish grin across his face.

“Ok… well Abby, I CALL HOME PHONE!” Emily shouted, racing towards the kitchen. Abby slowly got up from her seat on the ground, got out her phone from her jean’s pocket, and made her way into the kitchen. The opening ads for the movie began to play, first starting with the Avengers.

“I WANNA SEE THAT, I WANNA SEE THAT!” Louis shouted from his seat while jumping up and down continuously. Apparently Niall was getting annoyed with Louis, so he swatted at him while saying “Shh!”Niall successfully hit Louis in the head, but it didn’t stop Louis from shouting and jumping.

“Well I gonna go get some snacks.” Zayn said, removing himself from the couch. He disappeared into the kitchen when Emily came out as he went in.

“My dad said it was fine. I just had to be back before 12. Besides, we have church tomorrow.” Emily said as she came in. She tossed the home phone back to Harry who caught it swiftly.

“Ok, that’s fine. We just need to see If Abby can stay.” Harry said. Abby then came in right after he said this.

“It’s fine. I also have a curfew, at 12.” She said.

“OK, well we can dive you girls’ home after the movie ends. Is that ok?” Liam asked taking charge.

“Yeah, that sounds good. Thanks!” Emily said.

“Got the snacks!” Zayn said with excitement. He plopped the snacks onto the coffee table. Everyone jumped up and grabbed something. I grabbed M and M’s, and a Sprite. Once everyone settled into their seats, we finally got quiet. Niall, Louis, and Zayn were all on the couch; Liam was on the love seat while I was on the recliner. Harry and Emily were on a two seater couch, while Abby being the weird one sat on the floor. The Avengers movie ad passed, and Percy Jackson and the Olympians ad came on.

“I WANNA SEE THAT, I WANNA SEE THAT!” Louis shouted yet again jumping up and down in his seat.

“Shh!!” Niall said, repeating his actions just like last time.

“Gosh, no need to be so pushy.” Louis said with sass and sarcasm.

The movie started after a couple more of the ads, and Louis shouting “I WANNA SEE THAT,” At every single one.

“Shh everyone, it’s starting!” Louis said, trying to make us be quiet even though he was the only one talking. Once the title screen came on, Luis jumped up out of his seat, and hit play on the DVD box.

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