Chapter 1

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Albert Adkins was not an ordinary boy. He lived with his mum in a small house at the border of Northern Ireland. He was 11 years old, and when he was 6, his parents' divorced. He was tall and has auburn hair with wispy black eyes. He studied at Middle Park High. He was supposed to have a sister called Mavis, but his mother told him that she died of an illness. He didn't like people that much. He was a quiet boy, even at school. However, he was pretty famous, especially for hanging Bennett Wittman upside down from a coat hanger. He never got bullied, in fact, he was the bully. People would generally run away from him. The only person who seemed to like him was his mother and father, including a teacher in his school. His name was Mr. Russell, and he was a very unusual teacher, just like Albert. He was very old, at least 80 and had a long flowing white beard. He would wear half-moon spectacles and usually gave Albert a licorice stick or a sherbet lemon when he would behave nicely. 

It was July the 18th, Albert was sitting on a swing reading this book Mr. Russell had given him. It was called 'The Tales of Beedle the Bard'. It was a book with magical characters and magic. The story that he liked the most was a story at the end of the book, which was 'The Tale of the 3 Brothers'. He especially liked the symbol which was drawn at the end of the story. When he finished reading he stared at the road in front of him. Usually kids were cycling, however there was one figure that stood out. Mr. Russell was standing just opposite to him. However, he was wearing something rather funny, a sort of a nightgown. He also had a funny hat. Albert walked over to him.

"Mr. Russell, why are you here? And why are you wearing such clothes?" Albert asked.

"Albert, I am here to reveal something to you," Mr. Russell said. 

"What is it sir?"

"We need a quiet place to sit and chat," Mr. Russell said, as he held out his arm. Albert took it and then felt a familiar sensation. He closed his eyes. A few seconds later, Mr. Russell spoke, "You can open your eyes Albert," 

Albert found himself in a large room with two armchairs, he was in a total different place, as if he was teleported. 

"I have very little time left Albert, as I have to go and see a very special friend of mine later onwards, so I am going to make this very quick," 

Albert nodded.

"You are not an ordinary person Albert, in fact you are not even who you think you are. Ms. Adkins is not your real mother, and neither is Mr. Adkins your father. Your parents are very much alive and are witch and wizard," Mr. Russell said.

"What?" Albert asked, he couldn't understand a single thing. 

"I am also not who you think, My real name is Albus Dumbledore, and I am the headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Which is a school for people like you, people who have magical abilities. 

"But, I cant do any magic!" Albert said.

"You cant because you don't know, Hogwarts can help you there,"

"So, I am a wizard?" Albert said.

"Yes," The man named Albus Dumbledore said.

"Then Albert Adkins is not my name right?" 

"You are smarter than I thought, you might be put in Ravenclaw if you are smart enough," Albus said, speaking to himself. 

"What is Ravenclaw?" 

"One of the houses at our school, you will know more later. I will now be sending you to a house where you will be taught everything. It's your aunt's house actually, so we will meet again in Hogwarts," saying this Dumbledore teleported him to a huge mansion. Then from the mansion came a white peacock. 

"Please Lucius, I am here on a friendly matter," Dumbledore said. 

The peacock then transformed into a long white haired man. "Albus, what is it?" The man named Lucius spoke through gritted teeth. 

"Lucius, I have the boy, I have the heir of Lestrange," 

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