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Chapter Eleven| Dario

"Get the fuck out!" I grit my teeth as I stare at the door.

"But Dario, we haven't seen each other for ages and you said whenever you're here I can come and see you." Louise pouts, stroking my arms so I shrug her off and turn to stare down at her.

"No. I said I'd find you. Did I try and find you? No. Tell me how the fuck you got a key card for up here?!" I shout and she steps back her eyes widening.

"I-I didn't know you had someone, I'm sorry. I just wanted to surprise you." I sigh.

"Just leave, there's no more of these flings Louise. I've found someone that I want and you need to sort out that relationship of yours with you and your husband." She pouts her lip but nods.

I watch as she picks up her jacket, she puts it on before giving me a small smile and leaving.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" I grit my teeth and fall back onto my bed.

Leona is definitely not going to trust me now.



"I do not trust that fucking man! I should have trusted my instincts but no, of course I didn't. Did you know, Ben, I was about to have sex with that fucker!" Ben's eyes widen as I rant to him.

It's the following morning and I am still fuming, I could barely sleep last night.

"Calm down, Leona. He probably didn't even know that woman was just going to show up randomly." I raise my eyebrows at him.

"It shows that he's clearly got women on the go, no matter what country we're in. I refuse to be one of those women." Ben bites his lip and tilts his head. "No, Ben." I stop him from saying whatever he's about to say.

"Well I hate to say this, Leona but you avoiding him is not going to work. Especially when Caroline is hosting a party this evening." I groan.

Caroline is the woman from the meeting yesterday. To put it plainly she's a bitch and I can tell that she doesn't like me.

But business is business.

"I don't want to go." I protest and Ben rolls his eyes.

"You're going." He picks up a designer bag and throws it at me, I catch it with wide eyes and furrow my eyebrows at him. "Nice little outfit for you to make Dario come in his pants." My face turns in disgust.

"Disgusting." I mumble.

I hate to admit it but a part of me is slightly disappointed with that happened yesterday between Dario and I.

But I'm a bad bitch and I will simply just move on.

"I'll be wearing this for myself, not that man." I hold my head up and then strut to the bathroom.

"Yeah, keep telling yourself that babe!" Ben yells as I shut the door and I roll my eyes.

Once I've finished in the shower and done my hair and makeup I walk out to see that Ben is ready.

I take the dress that Ben got me out the bag and hold it out in front of me.

I frown.

"Ben, there is barely any material there!" I exclaim and he smirks.

"Just put it on."

I follow his instructions and put the dress on, adjusting it where it needs.

"Ben I can't wear this." I look down at my bare chest and I'm lucky that the bottom of it just about covers my bum.

"You look sexy, girl!" He winks. "Dario is going to go mad when he sees you and with what I have planned, you two are definitely going to be fucking by the end of the night." My eyes widen in shock but he ignores me and gets down on his knees to help put my heels on.

"Ben, what have you done?" I question in suspicion.

"I've got this friend okay. He's gay but I've told him to have a little flirt with you tonight, in front of Dario. Get him riled up you know." I stare at Ben in disbelief. "What?! I still ship you two and I have boxes I still need ticking!"

"Fuck your boxes! I'm not talking to Dario ever again and as for business partners we'll find someone else."

"Okay." Ben says not sounding convinced.

I'll show him.


"It's nice to see you two aren't late." Caroline says with a sarcastic smile and I have to hold back rolling my eyes. "Leona, you look......it's a bit racy what you've got on, no?"

She looks me up and down and I don't miss the look of disapproval on her face.

"You don't like? It's Chanel." I wink, taking a sip of champagne. "I'm not insecure of the way I look, Ms Brown. If I've got it, may as well flaunt it right." This time I look her up and down and I watch her step back a little.

"Excuse me." She scoffs and Ben squeals next to me.

"You told that nun!" We clink glasses and laugh. "Someone needs to get that stick out of her arse."

"True." I turn around and make eye contact with Dario. "Shit."

I try to hide behind Ben but he steps out of the way so I am in direct view of Dario again.

"You can't hide from that hottie, Leo. He needs to see how hot you look." Ben chuckles, reaching forward to grab another flute of champagne from the table.

My heart beat quickens when I see Dario walking over to us.


"Oh look there's Cade." Before Dario can make his way to us, Ben's friend Cade steps in front of us and my eyes widen when he lifts my hand up to his lips.

"I've been told to flirt." He whispers winking and I giggle.

"And here he comes." Ben grins.

Dario pushes his way into our little bubble, towering over poor Cade. The glare that is sent his way makes him step back before Dario's eyes land on me.

He grabs my hand and then begins to lead me away from my friend.

I turn around and look at Ben with wide eyes.

"Dario, what the fuck are you doing?" I grit my teeth, trying to pull my hand away from his.

"Sorting this out. I still want you, princess and I'm not letting anything stop me."

Oh Lord.

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