Chapter 6

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We walked through a long grove and finally made it to the door of his house. He opened up the door and the interior was not even modern, it almost looked ancient. You know how you feel when you are in someone elses house and you don't want to move in the house? That's how I feel. Or maybe you don't feel that way. Either way, I feel like I can't move or touch anything. I never want to actually do these things.

He motioned me to a room of a normal living room. I sat down on the couch and looked at all the interior of Asian and European treasures. I didn't even know how him or his parents got these things, but they looked amazing. Some of them were gems that I've never seen before. Or maybe they were discovered I just never actually heard or seen them before.

I sat there motionless. It was like, you even take one step you will have all the bad luck. I ended up getting up and slowly and carefully walk to the kitchen. The kitchen had an array of china and dishes that looked like they have never been used. I wonder if they even touched it. Just for decoration, typical. I sat down at the bar, rested my head down on the surface, and watched him cook. I was so facinated by this man. Why?

I don't even know what actually makes me interested. I don't go by looks or judgement. He is very straight foward and thinks he's top notch. He can get any kind of girl, I am sure of it. Maybe he has an interest in me or something. Oh well. This is a friendly bonding. Only lunch, nothing else.

At least I think it is. I hope he doesn't pull something out from behind. Nope. Whatever. If anything happens I could probably run out of here with no problem.


Before I could tell what was happening, I was awoken by Coy who had a large amount of food on one plate and then two bowls in front. "Seriously, I can't believe you fell asleep without any worry." I was asleep? Maybe I did pass out without realizing it. Okay, whatever. I lifted up my head and realized I was drooling. Well isn't that embarrasing. Coy handed me a tissue.

"Thanks." I said, cleaning off the drool from my face. I looked over at him who was putting food into a bowl. "Here, try it." I put down the tissue and took the bowl. I took a fork that was placed in front of me. I took a little bite. Don't know what it was, all I knew was that I actually like it. It was actually very good. I was still kind of droopy but it was good.

We ate the food and then actually went to his old room which he showed. Now he lived in a house close to here. He said he hated living with his parents along with living in such a big house. I don't blame him. If I lived here I would get lost all the time. Literally. I don't blame him at all. I would move out as soon as possible. He talked about how his parents were so big on European culture, and Asian culture. It surprised me. They were also looked into the African culture too.

That was amazing really. Not many people are into those kinds of culture. They usually are into their own culture. We went back outside and got into his car, he drove me to my home, dropped me off and then waved goodbye at me. I waved back. He really did have stunning eyes. He also has a very stunning smile.

I walked into my home to see my brother was home and there were a ton of groceries on the table. Not only that, my friend Liz was there and they were talking.

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