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Lists of helplines from She Will Survive. Just find your country and a list of helplines and resources will be provided. 

The lists include a range of DV and sexual assault helplines as well as a range of support networks and shelters. 

Suicide hotlines are also a great place to call in for support during a personal crisis. 

For men, if there are also resources available and a lot of those provided still apply. A lot of countries also have Mensline or similar helplines specifically for men. 

Most countries have Lifeline who have experienced counsellors available for you. 




Middle East:


Oceania and Antartica:

List of Suicide Hotlines from every country:

A lot of the websites offer online chat, if you're uncomfortable with speaking over the phone, or if you're in danger and can't make a phone call. 

There are also some very useful and amazing apps that have an SOS button and will send emergency services out to you. 

I hope you never need to use these, but if you do we're all behind you! xx 

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