Levi Ackerman X Eren Yeager Uke Brother Reader ( Attack On Titan )

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M/N P.O.V:

I screamed and begged the stoic male to stop beating my brother so violently. He stares into my crying E/C orbs with his steel grey ones, unfazed. Mikasa being the only thing holding me back from tearing him apart. " Eren! " I cry out as he stares into my eyes with worry. Mouthing '' Don't do it '' to me. Was he insane? I was not going to stand and watch the only thing I loved be beat to a bloody pulp. I listen as Eren tries to convince everyone that he was not a threat, me already knowing. " My brother is no threat! He is one of the kindest beings to ever walk this Earth! " " " Quiet! You have no say in this! " I rip myself out of Mikasa's hold. Slamming my foot down hard, making the ground shake from the impact. " MY BROTHER IS NO MONSTER! WHATEVER YOU MAY SAY WILL NOT AFFECT THE VIEW OF THE PEOPLE THAT TRULY KNOW HIM! IF YOU THINK WE WILL GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT, YOU WOULD BE TERRIBLY WRONG! " Everyone stood and stared at me, gawking. They could not believe I would yell so loudly. Even the grey eyed man looked slightly shocked, though it did not take long for him to reset his composure. What they did next would surprise me to the upmost...

Levi P.O.V:

After teaching the stupid brat's how to use the 3DMG, I go to my office to complete some important paperwork. Humbly enjoying my cup of tea, I read through some of the documents. I hear a light knock on my office door. " Come in. " I was then met with E/C orbs. I stare deeply into the E/C pools whilst sipping my tea. " Captain Levi, you requested my presence? "  Placing my cup of tea down, I close my eyes. " Yes I did. Did you complete that task I assigned to you? " A mischief expression meets itself onto M/N face. I slowly stand up, knocking all of the paperwork of my desk, my tea spilling in the process. " Clean up this atrocious mess pet~ " M/N bent down teasingly, his F/C panties showing as the maid skirt lifted up. I sit down and cross my leg across my other, leaning back, enjoying the view in front of me. Smirking once he was done, I gesture to my lap. " Well then pet, come satisfy your master~ "

AuthorBitch - Sama P.O.V:

Levi watcher as M/N walked towards him slowly. M/N then sat on Levi's lap, facing away from the enchanted male. Winding his arm around Levi's neck, he turned to give him a kiss. Levi was quick to respond, his tongue finding itself in M/N's warm cavern. Levi's hand slipped down the maid skirt and panties, firmly gripping onto M/N's member. M/N let out a sweet moan. Shifting in Levi's lap, he brought Levi into another French kiss, only to bite down on his tongue.

To Be Continued...

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